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IRMA ISC February 2017 - Analysis

The structure of the test was similar to that of 2016. The 2017 examination was held on February 12 across various centres in India. The test was computer-based and had only one section. There were 40 questions and time allotted for the test was 80 minutes. There were 5 options for each question. There was negative marking - 1/4th of the marks would be deducted for every wrong attempt. The overall difficulty level of the test in 2017 was medium to difficult, as most questions questioned the test-taker on government institutions and “Yojanas” (schemes) instituted by the Government of India.

The analysis of the test (based on some students’ reports) is as given below.

Question type

No. of questions



Paragraph-based fill in the blanks






Out of the total of 40 questions, 9 were single stand-alone questions while 31 were passage based group questions.  In the latter, there were two passages with blanks, and questions required one to fill in the blanks. Some questions were: When was NABARD formed? ASHA is a part of which mission/scheme? The set of educational initiatives refer to which scheme?

In the paragraph-based questions, there was one abbreviation-based question (Acronym of DAPP). From the passage-based questions, some questions could be answered from the passage itself while others required one’s own knowledge to be able to answer the questions. Most of the passage based questions were direct although there were some “corrective action” and “Inferential” based questions too. The topics of the passages related to IRDP schemes, women-oriented schemes, educational initiatives of the government, short-term migration, and death due to cold.

Most of the standalone questions pertained to both static and current information on reports and Indices, 5-year plans, committees, institutions and yojanas. For example: What is the projected unemployment rate for 2018? Who was tasked with revising the formula given by the Tendulkar committee? What is the new scheme on SC/ST and women called? In which city/state is NDDB located? Which institution is the biggest stakeholder in Regional Rural Banks etc.

It was clear that students needed to know the various social issues currently prevalent in the country and “Yojanas” of the government really well to score well in this test.

A good attempt for this test would be 14-15 questions (out of 31) for the passage-based questions and 4-5 (out of 9) for the standalone questions with about 80-85% accuracy.

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