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ADMATs Availability Schedule

The availability schedule of IMS ADMATs for CAT 2017 students is updated here. The schedule for ADMATs for CAT 2018 students shall be updated by July 2018.

Please note: The Schedule is subject to change. Stay tuned for regular updates.

IMS provides Mock tests for Tests other than CAT called ADMAT Test Packs (Additional Management Aptitude Tests). These are Test series for tests like XAT, SNAP, NMAT, IIFT, MICAT, CMAT, TISS, IBSAT, IRMA, MH-CET, MAT and ATMA.

Each Test pack contains 5 mock tests*. As per the Availability date, the Online Tests shall be made available on myIMS (student portal) dashboard whereas the Paper-based test pack shall be couriered within 7 working days at the student’s registered shipping address.

For the tentative Test availability schedule, refer the below table:

Sl. No Test Name Test Date Availability Date Test Mode
1 NMAT* NMAT 2017 - 5th October 2017 to 18th December 2017 NMAT mock tests 1 to 5 : Available Online
NMAT Comprehensive* (with additional five tests) Same as above NMAT mock tests 1 to 10 : Available
2 MAT Paper based: 4th February 2018 Computer based: 10th February 2018 Available Online
MAT Paper based: 4th February 2018 Computer based: 10th February 2018 Available Paper-based
3 CMAT CMAT 2018: 20th January 2018
Available Online
4 IIFT IIFT 2017 - 3rd December 2017
Available Paper-based
5 ATMA ATMA Online: 14th January 2018 Available Online
  ATMA ATMA Online: 14th January 2018 Available Paper-based
6 IBSAT IBSAT 2017 - 21st December to 24th December 2017 Available Online
7 MICAT MICAT I December: 17th December 2017
MICAT II February: 17th February 2018
SimMICAT 1 to 5-Available Online
8 SNAP SNAP 2017 - 17th December 2017 Available Online
9 XAT XAT 2018 - 7th January 2018 Available Online
10 TISS-NET TISS-NET 2018 - 6th January 2018 Available Online
11 CET 10th & 11th March 2018 Available Online
12 IRMA* (with 4 tests only) IRMA 2018 - 4th February 2018 Simtest 1-3: Available, Simtest 4: Available Online

The Schedule is subject to change. Stay tuned for regular updates.

Please Note:
  • *NMAT test pack 2017 offers 5 mock tests which are a part of the 10 NMAT mock tests offered under NMAT Comprehensive test pack 2017.
  • IMS students selecting NMAT as their ADMAT test pack (based on program enrolled for) shall be eligible NMAT test pack which offers 5 tests only. If students wish to practice for 5 more tests, they can purchase NMAT Comprehensive test pack*
  • *NMAT comprehensive Test 2017 pack offers 5 tests which are similar as in the NMAT Test Pack of this year and along with this there are 5 other tests of 2015 (Tests same as offered in 2015-NMAT Test pack 2015). Hence, students who had enrolled with IMS NMAT Test pack 2015 shall get 5 tests which were similar to that year.
  • IMS CAT 2017 (Classroom, Correspondence and Test Series) enrolled students shall NOT be eligible to select NMAT Comprehensive test pack under ADMAT selection. If IMS enrolled student is interested to opt for NMAT Comprehensive test pack, they can purchase and enrol for the same by visiting any nearest IMS centre or making online payment. Click here to check details.




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