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Welcome to the CAT e-Maximiser Series of workshops. As the name suggests, CAT e-Maximiser is the online version of the popular CAT Maximiser workshops that are available at all IMS centres. Just like the classroom program, the CAT e-Maximiser is also a series of 15 rigorous 3-hour online workshops based on the past 20 years’ CAT papers. These workshops have been designed by industry experts to take you through all the concepts tested in the CAT and give you the confidence to tackle any CAT question.

The e-Maximiser Workshops are now powered by i-PAL – an indigenously developed technology to not only enhance the online student learning experience but also simulate the classroom learning experience in the best possible manner. Unlike the regular video-based formats wherein students are supposed to go through long drawn videos, this platform ensures that the student is first engaged through short assessment tests which are then followed by video & text explanations for each of the questions solved in the test. The student can choose to see the videos for some or all of the questions - questions have been classified as those attempted correctly, attempted incorrectly or skipped while taking the test. The platform ensures that the student moves from one section to another only after completing the same - this ensures that the learning process is structured and disciplined.

The key benefits that iPAL offers to the students are as follows:

Actively engage with the content through various exercises and tests before seeing the explanation videos for the same.

Can be accessed anywhere, anytime - unlike physical workshops. All you need is a good internet connection.

Learn content for any length of time. Though each workshop is for 3 hours, they have been divided into smaller sections each of which should take around 25 to 30 minutes to complete. Students can complete some or all of the sections in one sitting based on the time available to them.

Revisit, review and revise content any number of times - till your learning is complete.

And finally.. The e-Maximiser Video explanations have been delivered by CAT 100 percentilers and IMS test experts with umpteen years of experience in the test-prep industry. So, now it does not matter where you are and at what time you wish to study - access to the best of faculty and teaching content is just a click away.


eMaximiser series comes in 5 different variants

eMaximiser Series

The entire series of 15 workshops covering all the 3 sections of CAT.

Actual fees: Rs. 7,080/-

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eMaximiser Plus Series

The entire series of 15 workshops covering all the 3 sections of CAT along with access to 1600+ application level questions, 40 SimCATs, 30 sectional tests, Gquest, 40 GK section tests and 3 Additional Management Aptitude tests like NMAT, IIFT, XAT, SNAP, etc.

Actual fees: Rs. 8,850/-

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eMaximiser Quants Series

Only the Quantitative ability (QA) series of 7 workshops

Actual fees: Rs. 4,130/-

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eMaximiser Verbal Series

Only the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) series of 5 workshops

Actual fees: Rs. 2,950/-

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eMaximiser DI - LR Series

Only the Data Interpretation / Logical Reasoning (DILR) series of 3 workshops

Actual fees: Rs. 1,770/-

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All fees are inclusive of 18% GST

This offer is for all Non IMS students and IMS students enrolled for SimCAT Plus 2017, SimCAT Proctored 2017, SimCAT Online 2017 and any other miscellaneous programs (CAT challenge, SimCAT solo, RC 100, Any ADMAT test pack).

IMS CAT 2017 Classroom, CAT 2017 Correspondence, e-test series plus 2017 and e-test series 2017 program enrolled students are requested to refer Special Waivers section to know about the waivers applicable and apply for the same.

Special Waivers on select programs(eMaximiser Series & eMaximiser Plus Series)

Only for IMS enrolled students

Note: **IMS CAT 2017 Classroom enrolled students (based on the programs mentioned) can simply logon to their myIMS account to access the Online workshops.
*This offer is not extended to IMS students enrolled for SimCAT Plus 2017, SimCAT Proctored 2017, SimCAT Online 2017 and any other miscellaneous programs (CAT challenge, SimCAT solo, RC 100, Any ADMAT test pack).

No further waivers shall be offered on eMaximiser Quants Series, eMaximiser Verbal Series, eMaximiser DI-LR Series.

Any merit based or past enrolment waivers will not applicable on any emaximiser series.


How to enrol

Visit the nearest IMS centre or you can also enrol online by using Net banking/Credit card/Debit card option.

If you are an IMS CAT 2017 enrolled student, please refer the waiver applicable to you and do not forget to apply for the same.
To avail waiver, please write us back on ims@imsindia.com with your IMS PIN, Course name and contact no. Kindly do not forget to mention the COURSE NAME of your choice as the waiver code is subject to the course name. We will send you a coupon code with the applicable waiver within 24 hrs**(in case you do not receive any reply, kindly check your junk and spam folder).The waiver offered based on past enrollment cannot be clubbed with any other promotional national offer. In such a case, the higher of the applicable waivers shall be considered.

Steps to Watch Video Workshops

Log onto myIMS with your log in ID and password.

Post you Login, Select “Start Now” button on e-Maximiser banner and start your practice with your choice of workshop.

Workshops Availbility Schedule

Workshop Date WS Section Topic
1 27th August 2017 Quants Numbers 1
2 7th September 2017 Verbal RC Primer
3 27th August 2017 Quants Numbers 2
4 7th September 2017 Verbal Usage & Grammar
5 28th September 2017 DI / LR Data Interpretation 1
6 18th September 2017 Quants Geometry 1
7 18th September 2017 Verbal RC Advanced
8 28th September 2017 Quants Geometry 2
9 28th September 2017 Verbal CR Fundamentals
10 9th October 2017 Quants Equations & Functions
11 9th October 2017 DI / LR Data Interpretation 2
12 9th October 2017 Verbal Verbal Reasoning
13 19th October 2017 Quants Sets & Counting
14 24th October 2017 DI / LR Logical reasoning
15 19th October 2017 Quants Arithmetic

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Terms and Conditions

The content of the e-Maximiser Series and Maximiser series will be identical.

No paper based material/Class sheets will be sent to the enrolled student via courier.
emaximiser series is an online variant and no material shall be couriered to the students enrolling for the same.
**Students who have been attending Maximiser Workshops at IMS centres can continue attending the sessions. However, IMS CAT 2017 Classroom enrolled students (for select programs as mentioned above) will be getting complimentary access to the eMaximiser series. This will enable the students to attend sessions missed by them. However, no material/class sheets shall be couriered to such students who miss to attend the session at their respective IMS centre.
The Online workshops on myIMS will be deactivated on 31st March following the Exam year enrolled for.
As per the prevailing Govt. norms, GST @18% will be applicable on all the programs.
If you enrolling for any of this program please note the workshops and tests are for CAT 2017 aspirants and the same will be deactivated on 31st March 2018 . If you are planning to take CAT in 2018 or 2019, please enrol in the CAT program for the relevant exam year (i.e 2018 or 2019 respectively).To know details, write to us at ims@imsindia.com or call 1800-1234-467.
Waiver policy and Prices are subject to change any time and no refund will be provided in any circumstances.
No two offers/waivers can be clubbed. In such a case, the higher of the waivers will be applicable.
In case of IMS student waivers please do not make the payment without applying/availing the coupon code. If this is not followed, no refund will be provided for the extra fee paid with respect to the applicable waiver.
Any IMS student interested to enroll for eMaximiser series can choose and enroll for the program of their choice. However, the student needs to pay the prices and waivers are applicable only for select programs. No option to upgrade to eMaximiser series is possible.
**On national holiday/ Public off/ Sunday/ second and fourth Saturday, you may not receive the coupon code within 24 hrs. In such a case, to receive an immediate response, call on the following working day. Tel: 022-6617000 Extn- 271/273/274.
The waiver is not transferable or redeemable.
IMS reserves the right to change, discontinue, extend the associated dates, or modify the terms and conditions thereof without giving any prior notice.
IMS CAT 2017 Classroom enrolled students (Select Programs) are eligible to view all the workshops on myIMS and donot need to enrol separately for the same.
Prices are subject to change anytime and no refund will be provided under any circumstances.
Students must check the waivers applicable and apply the waivers to enrol for the program as no refund shall be provided post enrolment.
No merit based or past enrolment based waivers shall be offered on eMaximiser Quants Series, eMaximiser Verbal Series, Maximiser DI-LR Series. Interested IMS or Non IMS students can purchase by paying the full program fee or ongoing offer.
The 15 Online workshops shall be available as per the Workshop Schedule on the website. Once the workshop is made available, the student can access the workshop as per their study schedule.