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     Want to crack CAT 2018 exam?
     Are you looking for more practice and CAT mock test?
     Do you want to assess your performance across the 3 sections of CAT?

Take the IMS SimCAT-(Simulated CAT) and Experience CAT Before the CAT!!

  • 40 tests that simulate various difficulty levels
  • Test Series of choice for maximum 100%ilers
  • Powered by CAT Meter for in-depth analytics
  • Video Solutions for Select SimCATs

About CAT exam and IMS SimCATs

Coming October-November 2018 many of you will be taking the CAT- Common Admission Test. A good score in the test is your ticket to the best B-Schools in the country.

In the field of management education, IMS boasts of being one of the oldest institutions in India, providing a platform for students to further their careers.

To help you perform better, IMS is training CAT aspirants since 35+ years with its comprehensive classroom, correspondence and Test series programs. If you have started your CAT prep, do not miss the chance to take the SimCAT which comes with All India Ranking, Percentile and Detailed Performance Evaluation Report powered by CAT Meter depending on the program enrolled for.

IMS offers 40 full-length SimCATs: 15 Proctored and 25 UnProctored/Take Home SimCATs with varied difficulty level. Each of these tests will be administered using test software that closely resembles the actual CAT – so that you feel you are taking the CAT 2018 before the CAT 2018 exam. Each of the tests is enabled by a detailed test analytics report that will not only help you identify your knowledge and skill gaps, but also give you pointers on how to improve your performance in the future

Proctored SimCATs: Proctored SimCATs are invigilated tests to be taken at IMS Centre between the pre-defined window period in order to be eligible for All India Ranking, Percentile and Detailed Performance Evaluation Report. This will help you to know where you stand compared to the others.

UnProctored/ Take Home SimCATs: UnProctored SimCATs are take-home tests which can be taken anytime once available on your myIMS. This shall offer Percentile and Detailed Performance Evaluation Report.

Further, each test needs to be analyzed well , hence along with Score card, Roll of Honour, IMS shall also offer Detailed Performance Analysis based on below parameters:

  • Section wise
  • Areawise
  • Topicwise
  • Difficultywise
  • Questionwise


  1. This feature will provide analytics that will help the students review their performance across all SimCATs taken on the basis of.
    • Performance across tests
    • Performance across areas/topics
    • Performance across difficulty levels
  2. For the areawise/topics you can sort your performance on the basis of your accuracy levels to identify your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESS.

To know more about IMS CAT Meter, Click here

Avail Attractive Merit based and past students’ waivers on IMS SimCATs based on your Xth/XIIth, past 3 years CAT/XAT performance and GD-WAT-PI call letters of 2018-20 cycle. Click below to view the waiver policy.

How to Enrol with IMS

  • Visit the nearest IMS centre or you can also enrol online.
  • If enrolling Online, please do not forget to choose a Nearest IMS Relationship Centre (one of the fields of form filling) while filling up the details during enrolling for the test or else you will not be able to book the slot for the test. If you do not have an IMS centre in your city, please select Mumbai HO.

SimCAT Programs

SimCAT Plus

Offers all the 40 SimCATs: 15 All India Proctored and 25 UnProctored/Take home CAT mock tests.

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SimCAT Proctored

Offers 15 All India Proctored CAT mock tests only.

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SimCAT Online

Offers 25 UnProctored/Take home CAT mock tests only.

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Comprehensive Test Series

Are you planning to take multiple management entrance tests like XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP along with CAT?
Do you wish to practice more CAT level questions and sectional tests?

IMS offers Comprehensive Test Series programs.

e-Test Series Plus

Offers SimCATs, Application level questions, Section tests with additional CONCEPT BUILDER practice. The C.A.T Approach - Completely Online.

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e-Test Series

Offers SimCATs, Application level questions, Section tests and more.

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Free SimCAT

IMS brings you a FREE sample CAT mock test, with detailed solutions for every answer along with a Performance evaluation report.

All you need to do is follow the below process to take the Test:

  • Register for the Test Click here
  • Experience the simulated test platform
  • View your Performance evaluation report

IMS offers waivers to past IMS students and meritorious students based on Xth/ XIIth performance or past 3 years CAT/ XAT performance or Institute GD-WAT-PI call-letters for Postgraduate Degree/Diploma in Management 2018-20 academic cycle ONLY.

Testimonials of Past SimCAT takers

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  • IMS SimCATs were by far the most comprehensive mock test series for CAT 2016. They had mocks of varying difficulty levels, which helped to test different test-taking skills. One should give loads of mocks - and enjoy them! Aptitude exams are tests of strategy and mocks will help you devise YOUR strategy. There is no unique strategy that works for all. And IMS SimCATs certainly help you build that strategy. Kudos to IMS!

    Avidipto Chakraborty – CAT 2016 - 100%ile
  • The mock tests by IMS were very close to the CAT 2016 paper, especially the Verbal section. Though I did not practice a lot of sectional tests, I can still say that IMS’s tests were way better than that by any other coaching institute! Also, with a lot of good students taking the IMS SimCATsacross India, I was able to gauge my all India performance much better and with more accuracy

    Ashish Jain – CAT 2016 - 100%ile
  • IMS’s mock tests were the best test series in my opinion.They were very representative of the actual CAT in terms of difficulty and subject weightage. IMS had great faculty to help me out with my interviews. Thank you, IMS!

    Nihil Charan Reddy – CAT 2016 - 100%ile
  • SimCAT mock tests by IMS, both proctored and unproctored, have been very helpful in my preparation for CAT 2015. These mocks were very close to the actual CAT 2015 paper and the explanation provided was very thorough as well. It is evident that IMS puts a lot of effortinto making sure that questions in the SimCATs are of top notch quality. I recommend every CAT aspirant to enrol for SimCATs!

    Prateek Bajpai – CAT 2015 - 100%ile
  • The faculty and staff at IMS are very pleasant and helpful. And of course, IMS's test series helped me a lot with my preparation. The SimCATs are true to the nature of the CAT and give a highly realistic preview of the examination.

    Nikhil Nayak - CAT 2015 - 100%ile
  • MS SimCATs are a very helpful tool for CAT preparation. The result and subsequent analyses help in understanding your weaknesses and improve scores tremendously.

    Chirag Jha - CAT 2015 - 100%ile
  • "The most important step in preparing for the CAT is taking mocks. In this area, IMS is unparalleled. Their test series was comprehensive, challenging and cohesive. Additionally, they gave a lot of freedom to students, and I was able to give the test at my convenience, saving me a lot of time and energy. The tests were well structured and had the perfect range of difficulty. The analyses provided after every test were especially helpful. It was like having a guide with you 24x7! I felt the IMS test series were closest to the actual CAT 2015."

    Ruchi Aggarwal - CAT 2015 - 99.99%ile Girl Topper
  • When it comes to the selection process of IIMs, preparation is what decides who makes the cut. In this regard, IMS's Achievers' Workshop is one of the most professional options for GD/PI - WAT preparation. IMS has the experience and the required knowledge about these processes and has what it takes to step up an average candidate into an aspiring manager. The mock GDs and PIs act as practice sessions for the actual ones and the feedback received on making mistakes is what helped me get better.

    Vibhu Gupta - CAT 2014-100%ile
  • I think while preparing for an exam, practice is the most important thing. IMS' mock tests and general test material helped me a lot. The questions and solutions covered almost everything. I also liked the SimCATs a lot as they let me know where I stood in the country. Overall, the verbal section was particularly nice. I think everyone should attempt as many questions as possible and solving a good question bank like this is a must for serious applicants.

    Harshveer Jain - CAT 2014-100%ile
  • I was enrolled in IMS for the CATapult course 2014. The teachers there helped me a lot to plan my studies and also took very insightful classes which went a long way in clearing the doubts I had in my weak areas. I could even contact them over email whenever I wanted and I would get an instant reply. As a result I only had to work hard and keep my focus during the last few months which helped me secure this result. The most important aspect of my preparation was taking and analysing mock tests.

    Soumyadeep Chakraborty - CAT 2014-100%ile

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