The battle for securing an Admit to your dream B School does not end with you performing well in various tests. Once the results of the tests are out, you need to prepare for the second stage of selection process, the GD-WAT-PI which is equally important. At this stage you would require to prepare as per different institute processes. IMS Launches the all new feature called "Call2Admit", a specially designed online module to increase the effectiveness of GD-WAT-PI preparation for all students.


  • Enter and track WAT-GD-PI Calls
  • Fill the Personal Interview Form & get it vetted by an IMS Mentor
  • Book slots to attend Mock Personal Interview sessions
  • Track PI feedback and rating online
  • Write essays for ​​WAT preparation, and get them vetted
  • Get access to institute specific resources for preparation
  • Interact with students who have got a call from the same institute
  • Get relevant and timely updates from IMS specific to calls you have received

Who can access this module?

There are two variants for Call2Admit module

  • Regular Module
  • Enhanced Module

The Call2Admit feature is accessible to all the IMS Classroom, Correspondence & Test Series Students ​(as per IMS brochure).

While the regular Call2Admit module (with limited features) will be accessible to all eligible classroom, correspondence and test-series students – the enhanced Call2Admit module with access to all features will only be available to students with calls from select Top 30 B-Schools*.

By default, ALL ELIGIBLE STUDENTS will have access to the Regular Module. To move from the regular module to Enhanced module students will need to add their Institute Calls and upload their call-letters- they will be upgraded to the Enhanced Module subject to verification by IMS Head-Office. (for any queries on the same you can also reach us on our toll free number 1800-1234-467).

Where to access the module?

This module will be available on myIMS: the IMS Student Portal for CAT. Students can access this module after logging in using their regular myIMS credentials.

Call2Admit Regular & Enhanced Variants Feature Comparison:

Features Regular (Limited Features) Enhanced (All Features)
Add/Edit Profile Details
Add/Edit Institute WAT- GD-PI Calls
Add/Edit Entrance Test Scores & Percentiles
Interview Form Limited Questions Unlimited Questions
PI Slot Booking
PI Feedback & rating
WAT-Essay Section Limited Essays Unlimited Essays
Institute specific Call-getter groups/ forums  (eg. group of IIM A call-getters)

Hope all of you make the best use of this module.
Module Presentation: Click here to view the Module Presentation.
Visit myIMS to access Call2Admit.


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