GRE Comprehensive (Scholarship Promise)*

The Scholarship Guarantee program gives a Scholarship guarantee to at least one out of the 7 schools. The minimum scholarship amount guaranteed is $5,000.

Program Fee: Centre specific

The GRE Guarantee Program is meant for graduates who are interested in pursuing a technical / functional Masters’ abroad. This program has been launched to help candidates receive guaranteed scholarship by applying to the appropriate universities and programs abroad.

The GRE Comprehensive (Scholarship Promise)* includes:

1. GRE Classroom Training:

  • 22 classes (3 hours / per class) of GRE classroom training
  • The Official Guide to the GRE General Test (With CD) 2nd Edition
  • Word Power Made Easy New Revised & Expanded Edition
  • IMS GRE Material
  • 5 Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs) to simulate the GRE® in terms of question types, level of difficulty and scoring
  • 5 computer-based tests for additional practice

2. Admission consulting for 7 schools:

  • School selection - The student is provided with comprehensive research on the shortlisted schools giving information on academia, tuition and living expenses. 
  • C.V – building the content
  • SOP – building frameworks for the statement of purpose
  • Essays - building frameworks for essays and editing with constructive feedback
  • LOR – guiding the appropriate people who should write your recommendation and editing content for the same
  • Interview Training - On getting an interview call, students are provided with access to school specific past interview questions. 3 such interviews are conducted and feedback is given after each interview

3. Financial documentation and visa support

  • Collating necessary financial documents to submit to the University & for Visa purposes
  • Help filling Visa-related documents and preparing for the Visa Interview

The Scholarship Program guarantees:

  1. Re-preparation of the GRE exam if score not up to satisfactory level
  2. Guarantee on Scholarship to at least one of the Top 250 U.S.A universities pre-decided by the student and IMS Consultant
  3. If the student gets admission to any school applied but doesn’t get scholarship, 50% of the total fee will be refunded (after deducting service tax)

* - Terms & Conditions Apply

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