GRE® Preparation - The IMS Advantage

  1. Why you should choose IMS for your GRE® preparation

    IMS offers a range of services to help you realise your dream of pursuing higher education (MS, PhD, MBA, etc.) from the best universities the world over. We are with you at all stages of the journey – starting from building concepts to aceing the GRE® to applying to suitable institutes to helping you secure financial aid for your education.

  2. What we offer

    Comprehensive study material and innovative pedagogy:

    Comprehensive material to cover different types of questions asked in the GRE® across all sections—verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing ability.

    Lexicon—A comprehensive collection of GRE® specific word lists and vocabulary builder to help you ace vocabulary-based questions.

    11 Verbal Classes that help you remember over 2000 high-frequency words through short stories, word groups, word-roots and even cartoons.

    In-built comprehensive and systematic study plan to help you plan out your preparation better.

    5 Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs) that simulate the GRE® in terms of question types, level of difficulty and scoring

  3. Experienced Faculty

    With over three decades of experience in training test-takers to ace leading Indian and International management admission tests, IMS has the most experienced faculty, who will ensure that your reach your desired score in the GRE®.

  4. Unlimited Support

    While the classroom hours are limited, there is no limit to accessing our instructors out of class. Our instructors will always be available to help you reach your desired score.

  5. MS Admit Guarantee & Scholarship Guarantee

    While doing well in the GRE® is one part of the admission process, the other part is applying to various schools and securing the admission in the school that best fits your profile. Our admission consulting team, with its expertise and a proven track record, provides customised admission consulting services to help you secure that coveted admit.

    Our Admission Consulting programme is designed to support you on all components of application:

    University shortlisting

    Statement of purpose - drafting & review

    Recommendation review - drafting & review

    Resume Building

    School-specific interview preparation

    Securing finaancial aid, education loan and visa interviews

    Our admission consultants have extensive knowledge of the application process and this ensures that you give your best shot.

  6. Proven Results

    Highest number of 320+ scores in India - Several of our students have obtained a 320+ score in GRE®. Atleast 25% of our class scores more than 320 on GRE.

    Scholarship Guarantee - Over the years, thousands of our students have secured admission in foreign universities and have got scholarships totaling over INR 95 Cr. We are the only institute to guarantee admission to top 100 schools with a scholarship promise.

    Several of our students have made it to various top universities in the world like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, Purdue University, Carnegie Mellon University, etc.

    Over the years, over 6000 of our students have secured admission in foreign universities and have got scholarships totaling over INR 95 Cr.

    At IMS, we believe in being mentor, motivator and guide and do this at each stage of your preparation, and go that extra mile with you to help you realise your dream.

  7. Free Profile Assessment

    Submit your details and get a list of recommended Schools world-wide based on the assessment of your profile by IMS Education Advisors.

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  8. Free Test

    If you are planning to take the GRE® and would like to have an idea on your preparation, take the diagnostic test now. It will help you in identifying:

    1. Your strengths in the GRE® on which you can build to get a high score

    2. Your weakness where you can improve so that they do not become hindrance in your scoring high in GRE®

    To take the DT, please click here

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