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The time has arrived for law enthusiasts to gear up for CLAT 2017, the entrance test for the coveted NLU seats. The notification for the popular law entrance exam will be released soon and naturally the spotlight will be on the NLUs at this time of the year. So, a good time to find out about the top law schools in India so that you can set your target for your desired institute from now only.

Note: Ranking starts beyond Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata, which undisputedly occupy the first, second and the third positions respectively.

NLU Group 1

Rank NLU No of Seats Age in Years Comments
4 Jodhpur 115 17 Small batch => Quicker placements, no domicile reservations, established NLU. More uniform batch.
5 Mumbai 60 2 Small batch => Quicker placements, no domicile reservations, financial capital.
6 Gandhinagar 187 13 Diverse batch profile. Better rank quotient, more uniform batch. Established NLU, state capital.
7 Bhopal 128 19 The oldest NLU in Batch 1. Small batch. High rank quotient, less uniform batch.
8 Raipur 185 12 <50% seats for all-India unreserved candidates. Higher rank quotient than earlier old establishments.
9 Lucknow 176 11 Few all-India unreserved seats, high rank quotient. Batch diversity due to women and NRI seats, state capital.
10 Patiala 196 10 Large batch size without location benefit. Higher percentage of all-India unreserved seats. High rank quotient, hence less uniform batch .

NLU Group 2

Rank NLU No of Seats Age Comments
11 Cuttack 180 7 Higher unreserved seats, no state domicile, large batch without location benefit. Relatively new institute.
12 Guwahati 60 7 Rank quotient is the best among batch 2. Small batch to place. 25% state domicile impacts batch diversity.
13 Patna 140 10 Location benefit (state capital) over others. Large state category seats. Slightly larger batch with fairly high rank quotient. Established institute.
14 Vizag 120 8 Below 50% of total seats for all-India unreserved. Relatively new without location advantage. Except Kochi, others are new. Very high rank quotient means students’ potential will largely vary within the batch. Except Ranchi (state capital), no location advantage.
Kochi 136 11
Ranchi 120 6
Trichy 110 3


1. Nagpur and Shimla being in their first year of operations have not been included in this ranking.
2. NLU Delhi admits students through AILET, whereas we have referred to CLAT-specific data at several places in this blog. Hence, this institute is also out of scope for this discussion. All other national law universities accept CLAT score, hence within the ranking scope.

Well, now that you have seen the list, you must be curious to know how we arrived at this listing. So for more updates, keep an eye on our next blog.

Interested in the parameters we used to rank the NLUs? Click here for our next blog post.

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