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IMS CLAT 2018 Test Series

CLAT 2018 test series consists of a series of mock tests (SimCLATs) designed on the pattern of one of the historical CLAT papers. These mock CLAT tests are to be taken in a proctored environment at an IMS centre during a specified test window or at home after/during the test window.

Product Program Fee Description  Enrollment Link
IMS CLAT Test Series 2018 Rs. 4248/- (Fee : Rs. 3600 + GST : Rs. 648) 15 simCLATs (Mock Tests) Enrol Now
IMS CLAT Test Series 2018 Plus

Rs. 6608/ (Fee: Rs 5600 + GST : Rs. 1008)

15 simCLATs (Mock Tests) +
15 Take Home Tests
Enrol Now
CLAT Test Series (simCLATs 1-5) 2018

Rs. 1652/ (Fee: Rs 1400 + GST : Rs. 252)

5 simCLATs (Mock Tests) Enrol Now
CLAT Test Series (simCLATs 6-10) 2018

Rs. 1652/ (Fee: Rs 1400 + GST : Rs. 252)

5 simCLATs (Mock Tests) Enrol Now
CLAT Test Series (simCLATs 11-15) 2018

Rs. 1652/ (Fee: Rs 1400 + GST : Rs. 252)

5 simCLATs (Mock Tests) Enrol Now

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Program Features:

Test Series

  • 100 Topic wise / Sectional tests to strengthen the command over every topic.
  • 20 online quizzes to improve current affairs & legal G.K
  • Expert’s take after every test to prepare for the next SimCLAT.
  • Access to student Portal -myIMS

myIMS features

  1. CA Snippets - Monthly recap of commonly asked topics in Current Affairs section of law entrance exams like CLAT, AILET etc. Covers a variety of topics like International News, Awards & recognitions, Government & Politics, sports etc
  2. GQuest - In depth analysis of the GK section of recent question papers of CLAT, AILET etc, with recommended approach for GK prep. Online reading material to enhance knowledge of ancient history, world geography, etc
  3. GK Quizzes - 20 online National level quizzes to ensure adequate attention to GK/CA prep. Theses quizzes are designed as per relative importance of various topics covered in CLAT, AILET, SET, IPUCET and other law entrance exams.
  4. Alerts & Notifications - Alerts & notifications about institute/exam application details, form filling & admission process guidance. Interactive forums for student to discuss and resolve queries. 
    Periodic Blogs to give unique prep tips and guidelines.
  5. Application Guidelines: Step by step, form filling guidelines are uploaded from time to time to assistr you in the application process.
  6.  Exam Analysis: Find in depth analysis, by experts' at IMS, for all leading law entrance exams held in 2017. Draw up your preparation strategy for 2017 with the help of our analysis.

Experts' Take - An icing on the cake

Experts​' Take is a post test​ ​analysis by​ ​academic specialists at IMS. It is based on the intelligence built from the test takers’ data collected during each SimCLAT window. It​ ​​answers a wide array of questions like how to balance attempts and accuracy, how to choose right questions and ultimately how toppers​ ​behave differently from others. These tips and tricks go a long way in optimizing attempts and accuracy, since both of them impact the overall CLAT score. In short, any test without an experts' take is incomplete​ ​since it leaves the test takers without a feedback for improvement.

Free Mock CLAT test

IMS offers a free mock CLAT test with detailed Performance Evaluation Report for all Law aspirants.

Free CLAT Mock Test - Take it Now!

CLAT 2018 Mock Test Series

Applicable to students who have enrolled for Law Intact 2018, Law Extent 2018, CLAT Correspondence 2018, CLAT Repeat Taker 2018, CLAT Test Series

SimCLATs 2018 Schedule
SimCLAT # Mode Rank Window
From To
SimCLAT 1 Unproctored 17 August 2017 20 August 2017
SimCLAT 2 Unproctored 07 September 2017 10 September 2017
SimCLAT 3 Unproctored 21 September 2017 24 September 2017
SimCLAT 4 Unproctored 13 October 2017 16 October 2017
SimCLAT 5 Proctored 16 November 2017 19 November 2017
SimCLAT 6 Proctored 30 November 2017 03 December 2017
SimCLAT 7 Proctored 14 December 2017 18 December 2017
SimCLAT 8 Unproctored 04 January 2018 08 January 2018
SimCLAT 9 Unproctored 01 February 2018 05 February 2018
SimCLAT 10 Unproctored 08 March 2018 12 March 2018
SimCLAT 11 Proctored 22 March 2018 26 March 2018
SimCLAT 12 Proctored 05 April 2018 09 April 2018
SimCLAT 13 Proctored 19 April 2018 23 April 2018
SimCLAT 14 Proctored 02 May 2018 05 May 2018
SimCLAT 15 Unproctored 09 May 2018 12 May 2018

Schedule of Take Home Test

Take Home Test Nos. Availability By
Take Home test 1 - 3 30-Jun-17
Take Home test  4 - 6 29-Jul-17
Take Home test 7 - 9 29-Aug-17
Take Home test 10 - 12 28-Sep-17
Take Home test 13 - 15 30-Oct-17

Please Note:

  • For Proctored test, Students should visit IMS centre in order to be eligible for All India Ranking. If the student misses to take the proctored SimCLAT between the window, then test shall be made available on myIMS dashboard as a take home SimCLAT after the proctored window period & only PER (Performance Evaluation Report) shall be given.
  • For unproctored (Take Home) SimCLATs, students have an option to take the test from home or a choice to visit the IMS centre, All India Ranking shall be given only to those students who take the SimCLATs between the test window.

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Waiver Policy

IMS offers waivers meritorious students based on their performance in class X and CLAT Repeat Takers based on call-letters for 5 Yr integrated BA LL.B programmes of 2017-22 academic cycle ONLY.

Students who have taken CLAT 2017 can avail the following waiver:

Waiver Category Waiver percentage
Any NLU call getter in 2017 60%
Any CLAT 2017 taker 50%

First time CLAT takers in 2018 can avail waivers on the basis of their class X Percentage.

Category Percentage scored Waiver
% marks in Class X Greater than 90% 30%
Greater than 80% 20%

Procedure to Avail the Waiver

To avail either of the waivers, please write to us on ims@imsindia.com with a soft copy of the relevant document e.g. score card, 10th standard mark sheet (best of 5/6 shall not be considered), call letter and contact no. A waiver code will be mailed with the applicable waiver within 24 hours* (In case you do not receive any reply, kindly check your junk and spam folder). The waiver offered, based on merit and/or past enrolment cannot be clubbed with any other promotional national offer. In such a case, the higher of the applicable waivers shall be considered.

Terms and Conditions:

  • In case of merit or past IMS student waivers please do not make the payment without applying for/availing the coupon code. If this is not followed, no refund will be provided for the extra fee paid with respect to the applicable waiver.
  • Score cards CLAT 2017 shall be considered. For 10th standard, aggregate percentage of marks for all subjects shall be considered irrespective of any State Board rule (best of 5/6 shall not be considered).
  • This waiver CANNOT be extended to enrolment for non-Law prep products.
  • Two or more waivers cannot be clubbed.
  • Prices are subject to change any time and no refund will be provided under any circumstances.
  • Students appearing for Proctored SimCLATs (centre-based) from home will not be eligible to get All India Ranking.
  • On national holidays/ Public offs/ Sunday, you may not receive the coupon code within 24 hrs. In such a case, kindly write us to ims@imsindia.com

To know more about preparing for CLAT, take a free counselling at any IMS centre. If you wish the centre to get in touch with you, please register your details here.

For any other queries, please write to us at ims@imsindia.com or contact us at 022 66170000 Etxn: 243/244.


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