MICA Selection Process

The selection process of MICA involves three steps. The process is described below:


CAT 2016, XAT 2017 and GMAT (2015 onwards).

Each candidate has to take at least one of the three exams: CAT 2016, XAT 2017 and GMAT (2015 onwards).


MICA Admission Test (MICAT).*

All the candidates are assessed on MICAT which consists of 6 sections: Psychometric (P), Verbal ability (VA), Quantitative ability (QA), General awareness (GA) , Divergent-Convergent Reasoning (DCR) and Descriptive Test (DT).

Preparation of Shortlist of the candidates for GE & PI

  1. Psychometric test is a qualifier.
  2. Those who qualify on the Psychometric test shall be assessed for MICAT sections on Verbal ability, Quantitative ability, General awareness and Divergent-Convergent Reasoning.
  3. Those who qualify on the basis of relative performance subject to a minimum cut-off in Scaled Score** in each of the sections namely: VA, QA,GA and DCR shall be evaluated on Descriptive Test.
  4. Those who qualify on the basis of a, b and c as mentioned above and on the basis of relative performance subject to a minimum cut-off in Scaled Score in DT shall be considered for short listing for GE and PI. Shortlist will be prepared on the basis of MICAT-1and /or 2 or better of the two scores if a candidate has taken both MICAT-1 and MICAT-2.

Approximately 1/10th of the total number of candidates who appear in the two MICATs will be shortlisted for GE & PI based on the Total MICAT Scaled Score.


All the candidates shortlisted after MICAT shall appear for both GE & PI.

Preparation of Merit List:

  1. All those candidates who appear in GE and PI , and fulfill the following conditions will be considered for the merit list:
    1. Unanimous recommendation by all the panel members of PI.
    2. At least 3.5 or more on a 5 point scale in GE
    3. At least 4 or more on a 5 point scale in PI
  2. For all those who meet the criteria described in point a), a composite score shall be created based on the following weightage:

MICAT: 50%; GE: 18%; PI: 30%; and CAT/XAT***/GMAT****: 2% (Scaled Scores will be used for MICAT).

Short listed candidates will be called for GE and PI at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai.

Please Note:

*MICAT is a Computer Based Test (CBT) and will be conducted twice for selection of PGDM-C 2017-2019 batch. Better of the two MICAT Scores will be considered.

**Calculation of Scaled Scores:

  1. The score obtained individually by a candidate 'X' in a particular component of MICAT-1/MICAT-2 , e.g.. Verbal Ability (VA) will be converted into Scaled Score using the following sample formula for one of the components, i.e. ,VA:
    1. Scaled Score -VA of a candidate 'X' in MICAT-1/MICAT-2 = ( Score -VA of the candidate 'X'/Maximum obtained by any candidate amongst the candidates who have appeared in MICAT-1/MICAT-2 in VA) multiplied by Maximum possible Score in VA in MICAT-1/MICAT-2.
  2. Similarly Scaled Scores will be calculated for all the MICAT-1/MICAT-2 components using sample formula in point i) namely: VA, QA, GA,DCR and DT.
  3. Total MICAT-1/MICAT-2 score will be calculated using Scaled Scores for each of the MICAT components, namely: VA, QA, GA,DCR and DT

****Formula for GMAT conversion will be declared later.


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