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BBA 2020 (1 Year Classroom Program)

BBA 2020 is 1 year classroom program designed to give comprehensive training for BBA aspirants appearing for entrance exams like IPM, NPAT,DU-JAT, SET (General) etc. This program is ideal for students who wish to prepare for BBA entrance exams along with their board exam.

Program Advantages:

  • Syllabus coverage by December 2019, before going on Class XII exam break
  • One round of concept revision: March-April 2020
  • Exposure to Application and Test stages starting from September 2019

Program Features

  • Classroom Training/Coaching
    • Module based classroom training (May–Dec 2019)
    • One round of concept revision classes after board exams
    • Module tests after every module to assess students’ readiness for next module
  • Exhaustive study materials
    • Our exhaustive study material (Basic Reference Materials) covers every topic in the syllabus of BBA entrance exams.
    • Pearson Concise GK Manual, given with our BRM, enhances command over Static GK.
    • Our Vocabulary Pocket Books facilitates vocabulary building exercise while the student is on the move.
    • Application Module provides 2000 exam level questions for practice 
  • Tests
    • Section Tests: 2000 online practice questions to improve application of concepts.
    • Online Quizzes: 1000 questions on current affairs (CA) & General Knowledge (GK) to enhance GK & CA
    • 50Plus full-length mock tests based on the pattern of BBA entrance exams like IPM, DU-JAT, SET (General), IPUCET (BBA) etc.
  • Parents –Teachers Meetings
    • Parents-Teachers meetings are organized after every module test to appraise parents about the progress of their wards. These meetings act as a platform to discuss remedial action and explore ways & means to improve student’s performance.
  • Fine tuning workshops & Past Paper Solving
    • Fine tuning workshops are conducted after the completion of syllabus to take students to exam level practice
    • Past paper solving sessions helps students to familiarize students with entrance exam pattern

Access to student Portal – myIMS

Learning & testing resources available on myIMS:

    • CA Fact Bytes – A Fortnightly snapshot of current affairs, written in a student friendly format. It covers a variety of topics like International News, Awards & Honors, Government & politics, sports etc.
    • GQuest – An online repository of static GK component covering subjects like ancient history, world geography, etc.  It also provides in depth analysis of the GK section of recent question papers of DU-JAT, SET (General)etc, with recommended approach for GK prep.
    • BizQuest (GK Quizzes) – 20 online National level quizzes launched on fortnightly basis to ensure adequate attention to GK/CA prep. These quizzes are designed as per relative importance of various topics covered in DU-JAT, SET 9General), and IPUCET (BBA).
    • Alerts & Notifications - This feature provides timely alerts about institute/exam, application details, form filling & admission process guidance.
    • Interactive Forum (Shout Box) – enables student to discuss and resolve queries.
    • Application Guidelines – Provides step by step form filling guidelines to students in application process.
    • Exam Analysis – In depth analysis of key BBA entrance exams by experts at IMS can help students to draw up the preparation strategy for 2020.

Program Fee

  • City specific

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