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BBA/BMS Online Test Prep 2021

  • 380 hours of completely online program is meant for students who wish to study without attending physical classes or who do not have IMS center in their city.
  • It is meant for BBA/BMS/BCom/Hotel Management/BCA/Mass Comm. aspirants targeting entrance exams like DU JAT, IPM-AT (IIM Indore, Rohtak), NPAT (NMIMS), SET (Symbiosis), IPU CET, Christ ET & others.
  • This program has a blend of LIVE, interactive classes & pre-recorded sessions
Program Name Coverage Program Fee (Inclusive of GST)
BBA BMS Online 2021 All exams* Rs. 28000 Enrol Now
Hotel Management Online 2021 Hotel Management JEE Rs. 23000 Enrol Now

* All exams include BBA, BMS, IPM, BCom, Mass Comm, Hotel Management, BCA.

BBA/BMS Online 2022 Program

Program Features

130 hours of LIVE, interactive, mobile friendly concept classes, taken by highly experienced faculty

These sessions are conducted on IMS website - LIVE.IMSINDIA.COM, which is designed specifically for LIVE Classes. The website is mobile responsive & optimized to view LIVE Classes.

  • 100 hours of concept classes covering common syllabus for all exams.
  • 30 hours of additional concept classes covering Advance Math topics for NPAT, IPM, DU JAT.
  • Recorded content available for unlimited, anytime viewing.
  • Syllabus will be completed by December 2020.

170 hours of practice classes & workshops

  • 80 hours of videos for rigorous practice of exam level questions for all exams.
  • 90 hours of general & exam-specific workshops for NPAT, IPM & mock test solving sessions (After boards).
  • 50 hours of additional classes for DU JAT workshops & past papers after boards.

Dedicated doubt solving sessions

  • Dedicated doubt solving sessions are held by subject experts at the center & on whatsapp/telegram groups.

80 hours of online revision content

  • Concept videos, class recap videos & topic wise tests.

Exhaustive Study Material (15+ e-books across sections, print books when possible)

  • Books, segregated by modules for easy reference.
  • Compiled by experts with rich experience in teaching and content creation.
  • Practice questions at the end of each chapter.

50+ Mock tests for key BBA/BMS/Hotel Management/Mass Comm/BCA entrance exams

  • Pattern & level of difficulty is based on past year paper design.
  • Detailed explanatory answers are provided per mock.

Access to student Portal – myIMS

Learning & testing resources available on myIMS:

  • Topic Wise Tests: 80+ time bound, topic wise tests across sections for practice. 120+ concept & class recap videos for any-time revision.
  • GK Snippets: A Fortnightly snapshot of current affairs in newspaper format, split by topics like International News, awards & honors, Government & politics, personalities, sports and others.
  • GK Quizzes: 20 online quizzes (BizQuest) launched on fortnightly basis for adequate revision of important GK/CA events.
  • Alerts & Notifications: Get timely alerts about institute/exam, application details, form filling & admission process guidance.


  • At any point in time, students can upgrade to the physical classroom program by paying the difference of fees as per the prevailing fees at the nearest IMS center
  • By doing so –
    • They can attend remaining physical concept classes till course completion (Before boards) & revision classes/workshops after boards at the center.
    • They can attend dedicated doubt solving & one-to-one mentorship sessions.


  • - Learn, Analytics & myPLAN modules are currently available on the app as per the variant eligibility
  • - myIMS website will be accessible ONLY on the desktop/laptop browsers.
  • - Test & Review module will NOT be accessible in the mobile app.

The mobile APP was consciously designed as a companion app to the myIMS web portal. The Sim in SimCLAT stands for simulation. Taking and reviewing SimTests and other full-length tests should be on a big-screen. It will cease to be a SimTest if it is available on mobile.


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