DU-JAT 2019 Analysis

DU JAT 2019 was conducted in two slots in online format, similar to 2018. Paper design was pretty similar to 2017 & 2018 papers in terms of no. of Qs per section. The paper had 5 sections

Section 1 - (Slot 1 84 Q, Slot 2 85 Q)

This section was a jumbled compilation of Q across different sections (Quant - 25 Q, Logical Reasoning - 13-14 Q, English - 20-22 Q & GK - 25 Q. Section wise analysis is as follows:

A. Maths

Slot-1: Out of 25 questions, historically 18-20 Q have appeared from geometry-trigonometry, advanced & higher math topics. The trend continued in 2019 paper. Except 1 Q on TSD, all others were confined to advanced or higher maths, comprising of Matrices & Trigonometry (4 Q each), 3D-coordinate geometry(3 Q), functions, even-odd functions, vectors & differentiation (2 Q each). 1 Q each was asked from inverse function, continuity, Integration, complex numbers &Ellipse. The questions were of moderate difficulty

Slot-2: Math in this slot was very similar to that of slot-1. 24 questions were asked from advanced & higher math topics, comprising of functions (7 Q), matrices (5 Q), differentiation, integration, vectors & trigonometry (2 Q each). 1 Q each was asked from relations, 3D-coordinate geometry, ellipse, probability, time &work. Even in this slot, Q were of moderate difficulty

Questions were very similar to those covered in IMS study material, mock papers and topic wise tests. An attempt of 18-20 questions with 16-17 correct would be a decent performance

B. Logical Reasoning

Slot-1: Out of 14 questions, 3 Q were VR based, comprising of assertion-reason, statement-conclusion & syllogism (1 Q each). All were easy & doable. 1 easy visual reasoning Q was asked. Remaining questions were based on number & alphabetical series (4 Q), coding decoding (2 Q), ranking, circular arrangement, odd man out & arrangement (1 Q each)

Slot-2: This section was similar to that of slot 1. 2 Q on syllogism & visual reasoning each were easy. From remaining questions on analytical reasoning, there were 2 Q each on blood relations & series. 1 Q each was asked on BODMAS based coding, analogy, puzzle, word coding. A sequence question on dates dd-mm-yyyy was also asked

To sum up, this section was of easy to moderate difficulty level. An attempt of 10-11 Q will be considered good, with 9-10 correct.

C. English

Slot 1 - 2 Q based on jumbled sentences were easy. 5 Q on synonyms-antonyms were of easy to moderate difficulty. 2 FIB Qs were easy & 2 were moderately difficult. 2 idiom-based Q were quite doable. 3 Q of one word substitution were of easy to moderate difficulty. All 3 spelling based questions were easy. 2 Q on Reported speech were moderately difficult

Slot 2 - 2 Q on jumbled sentences were easy. Out of 3 Q on spot the error, 1 was easy & 2 were moderately difficult. 4 Q on Synonyms and 3 Q on Antonyms were easy. Both FIB Qs were easy. 3 Q of one word substitution were of easy to moderate difficulty. All 3 spelling questions were easy. 2 Qs of idioms were quite doable

English was a moderately easy section. A good number of questions from both slots were very similar to the ones in IMS material. An attempt of 20 Q with 17 correct would be ideal.


All 25 GK Q in the paper were in Misc. section in both slots. 20 Q each were based on current affairs & 5 Qs were based on static GK in either slot

Slot 1, 3 Q were asked from brands & logos after a gap of two years. They were of easy-moderate level.  Government news & schemes, world news & forums (6 Qs from each area) tested students’ reading habits. 2 Qs each were asked from Business-economy-trade & sports each. Within current affairs, questions from science-technology, days & dates from current affairs were missing. Within static GK, questions covered world news & forums, personalities, trade terminologies etc.

Slot 2, 3 award-based questions were asked. They needed deeper reading of awards area. 3-4 Q each were based from business-economy-trade & brands-taglines. Other questions were evenly spread among government schemes-news, world news & personalities (2-3 Q each). Static Qs were based on business-economy terminologies, world forums, days

In general, GK was a moderately difficult section. Attempt of 17-18 Q with 15 Q correct will be decent attempt. 18+ right Questions will be a great performance. 10-12 GK Questions were from IMS GK Fact Bytes

Section 2 - Reading Comprehension

In slot 1, the RC passage (topic: Global warming) had 4 direct Q and 1 word based Q. All of them were doable
In slot 2, the RC passage (topic: Freedom of press) had 3 Q, 2 of which were inferential and 1 was a summary Q. All 3 were of moderate difficulty

Section 3 - LR

Slot 1- 4 Q on Matrix arrangement caselet with 3 dimensions was of moderate difficulty level. It was a must-attempt caselet
Slot 2- 5 Qwere based on coding caselet, wherein, a statement of 4 words with 4 codes was given, and there were 4 such sentences. This set was also of easy to moderate difficulty level.

All 4 Q in slot-1 and 5Qs in slot-2 should have been attempted.

Section 4 - LR

Slot 1 - 4 Q on coding case let: There was a set of 4 Q on word coding with direct questions. It was very easy and students should have solved it quickly. They were very similar to the ones covered in IMS mocks
Slot 2 - 4 Q based on venn diagram: Here two different categories of players -  players and national level players were covered in two categories- indoor and outdoor games. This set was very easy and scoring

All 4 Q in each slot should have been attempted

Section 5 - LR

Slot 1 - 3 Q were based on a linear arrangement set having 7 students, reaching office in some order. It was another sitter.
Slot 2 - 3 Q on linear arrangement. A set of 6 conditions arranging 7 letters in a row was provided. This was of moderate difficulty level.

All 3 Q should have been attempted by the students.

What will be a good score in either slot?

Area Total no. of Q Good attempt Correct attempt
(At 85% accuracy)
Good score
(+4, -1)
Maths 25 18-20 16-17 62
Logical Reasoning 25 21-22 19-20 74
English 25 22-23 18-19 70
General Knowledge 25 17-18 14-15 54
Total 100 79-80 67-70 260

All the best for DU-JAT 2019 results!!


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