IPM 2018 analysis

IPM entrance test 2018 was conducted by IIM Indore on May 11, 2018. The exam contained 100 questions spread across three sections viz. Quantitative Ability (MCA) – 40 Q, Quantitative Ability (Short Answers)– 20 Q and Verbal Ability – 40 Q. Each section had a time limit of 40 Min & one could move to next section only once the time limit was over. Order of sections was pre-defined.

In Quantitative Ability (MCQ) & Verbal Sections, each correct answer fetched 4 marks and each incorrect one attracted a penalty of 1 mark. In Quantitative Ability (Short Answers) section, answers had to be typed in the box provided against the question. These questions did not attract any negative marking.

Let us look at individual sections

Section 1 - Quantitative Ability (Short Answers) – 20 Questions (40 Min)

Topic Number of Questions
Sequences & Series (AP, GP) 4 Q
Algebra 4 Q
Logarithms 4 Q
Averages 4 Q
Percentages 2 Q
Probability & Venn Diagram 2 Q
Total 20 Q

Most questions were of medium to high difficulty level & were time consuming

An attempt of 12-13 Q could be called a good attempt. With 85% accuracy, a raw score of 38-40 was get table

Section 2 - Quantitative Ability (MCQ) – 40 Questions (40 Min)

Topic Number of Questions
Probability, P&C 9-10
Data Interpretation 5-6
Coordinate Geometry 4
Logarithms 4
Averages & Percentages 3
Trigonometry 3
Sequences & Series 2
Set Theory 2
Mensuration 2
Numbers 2
Functions 2
Total 40 Q

Single DI case let had a table with past few year’s data of factory wages. Most questions were easy & straight forward. Except logarithm based questions that were lengthy, other questions were not lengthy

With 75% attempt & accuracy each, 80 could be a good raw score here

Section 3 – Verbal Ability - 40 Questions (40 Min)

This was an easy section & students shouldn’t have missed scoring opportunities. Most students would have finished serious attempt in half an hour or so. Here is the topic wise break up

Topic Number of Q
Reading Comprehension
(2 passages of 250 words each – Birds & behaviour, Technology & social media)
Identify use of correct words in sentences 4-5
Identify use of correct phases in sentences 4-5
Fill-in-the-blanks (Passage based) 5-6
Word substitution in passages 2-3
Para jumbles (Type-in-The-Answer) 4
Paragraph inference 2
Vocabulary based 2-3
Grammar based 4-5
Total 40 Q

RC questions were a mix of tricky & straight forward ones. Overall passages were manageable.

There were no pure vocabulary questions. A serious attempt of 35-38 Q was possible. With 85% accuracy, it comes to a raw score of 115.

Overall difficulty level of the exam was quite similar to 2017 & a total raw score of 230+ should be good to get a PI-WAT call.

All the best for PI-WAT shortlist!! IMS would be happy to help you with PI-WAT specific inputs & enable you to get through the last hurdle of IIM IPM 2018 selection.

Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, answer key and scores are based on independent analysis and evaluation made by IMS. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.


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