IPM 2020 Analysis

IPM Indore entrance test 2020 was conducted by IIM Indore on 7 September 2020. The exam contained 60 questions across three sections viz. Quantitative Ability (MCQ) – 20 Q, Quantitative Ability (Short Answers) – 10 Q and Verbal Ability – 30 Q. Each section had a time limit of 30 min. One could move to the next section only after sectional time limit was over, but could not come back to the previous section. The order of sections was pre-defined.

In Quantitative Ability (MCQ) & Verbal Ability Sections, each correct answer fetched 4 marks and each incorrect one attracted a penalty of 1 mark. In Quantitative Ability (Short Answers) section, answers had to be typed in the box provided against the question. These questions did not attract any negative marking. Let us look at individual sections.

Section 1 - Quantitative Ability (MCQ) – 20 Questions (30 Min)

Topic Number of Questions
Data Interpretation 5
Probability, P&C 2
Averages 2
Numbers & number applications 1
Geometry 1
Coordinate Geometry 1
Logarithms 1
Functions 1
Ratio and proportion 1
Averages & Percentages 1
Trigonometry 1
Set Theory 1
Matrices 1
Function 1
Total 20 Q

Overall, the section was of medium difficulty. Time was a restraint. Instead of solving, elimination options would have helped in 6-8 Q. A good attempt would be 15-16 Q with 80% accuracy

Good score - 45

Section 2 - Quantitative Ability (Short Answers) – 10 Questions (30 Min)

Topic Number of Questions
Numbers 3
Geometry/coordinate geometry 1
Matrices 1
Time speed distance 1
Averages & percentages 1
Ratio and proportion 1
Sets 1
Functions 1
Total 10 Q

The questions were of easy to medium difficulty. A good attempt would have been 8 Q, with 75-80% accuracy

Good score - 32

Section 3 – Verbal Ability - 30 Questions (30 Min)

This was an easy section and students wouldn’t have missed scoring opportunities, if they used available time well. Here was the topic wise break up:

Topic Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension (1 passage of 300 words) 6
Fill-in-the-blanks (Usage of appropriate words) 6
Fill-in-the--blanks (Usage of 3 words) 5
Incorrect word usage 5
Fill-in-the-blanks (Logical word usage) 3
Para jumbles (Type-in-The-Answer) 3
Fill in the blanks (Paragraph completion) 2
Total 30 Q

A serious attempt of 30 Q was possible, with 80% accuracy.

Good score - 90

Overall good score would be 165+ to fetch a call for video assessment round. IMS would be happy to help the short listed students with preparation of video assessment round. All the best


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