IPMAT (BBA) 2016 Analysis

The test was of 100Q (60 Maths, 40 English) and of 120 min duration. Marking scheme was +4 for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer. There was no sectional time limit.


Similar to 2015, questions were of moderate-high difficulty level.  This section tested strong math fundamentals taught till 11/12th standard across topics. Someone who has taken maths in 12th standard had a clear advantage. On screen calculator was provided.

Topic wise break-up

Functions  9
Coordinate geometry (Graph based)  3
Circles  2
Trigonometry applications 3
3-D, Mensuration  2
Sequences and series 2
Complex number  1
Matrices (New category) 3
Number applications (AP/GP, binomial expansion, remainders)  3
Quadratic & higher order equation, inequalities 3
Statistics (Median)  2
Time Speed Distance 1
Ratio-Proportion  2
Work-Pipes 1
Set definition 4
Venn diagram 4
P&C 2
Probability 2
LR - 2 sets – Circular, Matrix arrangements 8
DI  - Condition based Selection criteria 3

4 questions across topics were of Type in The Answers (TITA) nature – Without answer options.

Good attempt would be 25-30 Q with 85% accuracy. Good score in this section will be 80+ marks. 100+ score will be quite good


Predictably, English was an easier section. There were no tricky or unexpected question types. Difficulty level was easy-moderate. Fill in the blanks and vocabulary were given high importance

Topic wise break up

2 RC passages (Short, Inferential questions, no fact based) 5 Each
Vocab (Synonyms, Medium-Tough) 6
Usage of words 5
Analogies 2
Para jumbles 4
Fill in the blanks
Sentences 4
Phrases 4
Words 2

Good attempt here will be 30-32 Q with 85% accuracy, which will lead to 95+ score. Good score will be 100+

Overall cut-off should be 180-200 marks


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