SET BBA 2020 Analysis

SET BBA 2020 was conducted in home-proctored, online mode from 26-28 July 2020. There were 75 questions to be attempted in 75 minutes, with no sectional time limit

The marking scheme was +1 for the right answer, with no negative marking for wrong answers.The paper had four sections, Quantitative aptitude (20 Q), Analytical and Logical Reasoning (15 Q), General Knowledge (20 Q) and English (20 Q).

Quantitative Aptitude

The topics covered were as follows

Topic Number of Questions
Profit and Loss 4
Data Interpretation 2
Percentages 2
Time, Speed and Distance 2
Averages 1
Alligations 1
Time and Work 1
SI - CI 1
Probability 1
Geometry 1
Set Theory 1
Surds 1
Series 1
Data Sufficiency 1
Total 20

Most questions were easy, except 2-3 questions on SI - CI, surds and triangles which were tricky.

Good Score: 16 - 17

Analytical and Logical Reasoning

Topic Number of Questions
Puzzle 5 (1Q single, 4Q set based)
Directions 2 (set based)
Blood Relations 1 (picture based)
Coding - Decoding 2
Calendars 1
Statement and Course of Action 2
Syllogism 2
Total 15

The questions on syllogism were picture based. The statement and conclusions were replaced by 3 to 4 objects and options were also in the form of diagrams. Students were supposed to identify which option fits the given objects. A blood relations Q was also picture based. These questions were not difficult but different from those of previous years

This was also a scoring section, with easy to moderate difficulty level Q

Good Score : 11 - 13

General Knowledge

Static GK: 12 Q from Geography, History, Art and Culture, Important Organisations, Movies, etc.

Current Affairs: 8 Q from Awards and Recognitions, Important Appointments, International Affairs

The level of questions was moderate to difficult

Good Score: 11 - 12


Topic Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension 5 (1 passage of 250 - 300 words)
Antonyms - Synonyms 4
One Word Substitution 1
Spellings 2
Fill in the blanks, Phrasal Verbs and Idioms, Sentence Correction 8
Total 20

RC passage was based on foreign policy. Answers could be directly derived from the passage. Vocabulary had different types of questions. Fill in the blanks were vocabulary and grammar based. Sentence correction questions were short and easy to understand.

The section was of easy to moderate difficulty level

Good Score: 15-16

Overall Good Score: 54 - 56

Written Ability Test (WAT)

The topics were:

  • Is social media good or bad for society?
  • Can an individual performer be a better team player?

There was no word limit but there was a time limit of 30 minutes for both the questions together.

Best of Luck for PI short list


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