SET (BBA) 2016 Analysis


The paper was easy, and time was especially not a constraint. Most students said they could finish the paper 15-20 minutes before time.


15 Vocab questions were pretty tough for most students. Only a few could get many of them right. Other 25 questions mainly consisted of 2 RC passages (Approx 450 words and 250 words respectively) and Grammar was manageable. 20-25 may be a good score in this section.


Very easy. Some analogies & coding questions were too easy. No matrix arrangement kind of problems. It was possible to solve almost the entire set correctly, quite a few students should be scoring 25+ in this section


Out of 40 questions, at least 30 were fairly easy. Percentages and linear equations had a lot of questions. Topics like work, TSD, pipes etc had one questions each. Mensuration had no question. Couple of questions were unexpected for students, for example a question on clocks. Expect 30+ to be scored by a good student


Most of the questions were from current affairs or business awareness areas. This section could be completed in 10 minutes. Around 25 can be expected from a good student.

Overall cut off should be 105 +/- 5 marks Good GK and/or Vocab can prove to be a game changer.


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