St Xavier's Entrance 2016 Analysis

The test was divided into two parts: - The creative and critical thinking, followed by the Objective questions. It had a pretty high standard. It was comparatively tougher than the BMM Test. To get through the BMS test, one has to be thorough with the latest news (it could even be few days old news).

Section wise:

Creative and Critical writing:- This section had a lot many question which were from Business, Life skills, quotes and Moral values point of view.  

Questions like:

  1. A picture in which there were 5-6 balloons tied together with a frowning face and just opposite to it was 1 balloon which had a smiling face. Students had to write the first thought that came up in their mind.
  2. Elaboration on the following topics:-
  3. Increased limits of FDI can be the best way of growth for any country (write for or against)
  4. Money can guarantee happiness. Comment
  5. India needs more entrepreneurs. Comment
  6. Inclusive growth is the best way for the development of a country.
  7. "To succeed in life, one shall have to walk on the sands of time, and not drag them" - APJ Abdul Kalam. Comment.

English language and Comprehension Skills: The passage had many words which were business oriented, which actually had a deeper meaning from the business sense. Passages were moderately difficult. MCQ's were there each of one mark. Synonyms, Antonyms, and Anagrams were included separately. 

GK & Current affairs: GK was comparatively easier. It had all about CEO's, Governors, Wimbledon winners and other general topics.

Data Interpretation was a bit tough.

Questions were tricky and involved lot of thinking and faster analysis.

Maths: There were about 8-9 moderately difficult questions each of 1 mark

Logical Reasoning questions were very easy. 

The paper on the whole was not easy.


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