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Your complete CAT Prep report, with Post-test analytics tools to improve your score from test to test.

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GET THE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE and make your learning experience more convenient with IMS CAT Meter. Analyze your SimCAT/Sectional test performance by using IMS CAT Meter.

About CAT Meter

Informed and meaningful feedback on the test performance is critical to a student's learning experience while taking tests! Use the CAT Meter after SimCATs to improve your score from test to test.

A Thermometer is an essential tool to know your current body temperature as a benchmark against the desired body temperature levels. However just measuring your body temperature every couple of hours cannot be the cure for fever -  it is equally important to take curative action in case of an unfavorable reading. Similarly, any amount of mock test practice would be futile if each test is not followed up with an effective analysis of one’s performance leading to appropriate corrective action. In other words, informed and meaningful feedback on the test performance is critical to a student's learning experience while taking tests.

The IMS CAT Meter is a comprehensive post-test analytics tool designed to provide an in-depth analysis of student performance not only at an overall test level but also across different tests, sections, areas, topics and questions. This tool will help test-takers drill down on their strengths and weaknesses - thus giving direction to their overall CAT preparation.

While the Question-wise Score Improvement Analysis in the CAT-meter will highlight the knowledge gaps and skill gaps that need to be bridged for enhancing one’s performance, the Comparative Analysis reports helps students compare their performance against targets set, against toppers/other test-takers and more importantly, against one's own performance in previous tests.

The CAT-meter provides an accurate reflection of where one stands with regards to his/her preparedness for the CAT.

Unique features of CAT METER

1. Know where you stand on the 3 critical parameters:

  • % Attempt
  • % Accuracy 
  • Marks Per Minute

2. Know if you are equally competent in each of the 3 sections of CAT

3. Know your strengths & weaknesses across areas - based on below parameters:

  • Accuracy levels
  • Marks per Minute &
  • Average time taken per Q

4. Know your Overall as well as Sectional score progress in the tests taken so far vis-à-vis a range of percentilers:

  • 99%ilers
  • 95%ilers and
  • 85%ilers

5. Know your % accuracy and how you spend your time while taking the test (blue color)at the below levels:

  • Overall
  • Sectional
  • Area-wise
  • Topic-wise

How does it work

Login to your myIMS>Click on 'CAT Meter'> Select the Test*you wish to analyze> Select the desired option All Tests/Last 5 SimCATs/Other Tests*

*Tests as mentioned below

  • SimCATs Take-Home
  • QA Section Tests
  • DI-LR Section Tests
  • VA & RC Section Tests
  • SimCATs Proctored

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