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IMS CAT Mentor

IMS CAT Mentor


An Online Tool for all CLASSROOM & Select Programs enrolled Students

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Every CAT aspirant has unique requirements with respect to not only their preparation strategy but also their application strategy.

While most first-time aspirants would need to start from scratch, there would be some who would be more comfortable in Math than in Verbal or vice-versa. And then you have Repeat-takers who may only need to bridge gaps in certain knowledge or Busy-bees who need to balance their study plan with a tight work/college schedule. So, can a generic study plan meet everyone’s requirement? We don’t think so…

It’s not just enough to do well in the entrance tests – you also need to apply to the right set of B-Schools that match your profile, aspiration and ability. Every year students face this quandary of shortlisting the B-Schools they should be applying to and tests that they should take. So, can a generic application strategy meet everyone’s requirement? We don’t think so…

About CAT Mentor

IMS believes that every student needs a personalized approach to creating a prep plan as well as an application strategy that maximizes the chances of success – a plan that not only takes into account the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the aspirant but also your abilities, constraints and resources. At IMS, we have been successfully doing this under the alias myPLAN – a series of personalised sessions by a pre-assigned personal Mentor for each and every IMS Classroom student.

CAT Mentor is an online IMS initiative that automates myPLAN – making the personalized counselling, mentoring and guidance more convenient and effective.  This online application will reinforce our commitment to help each and every student to not only plan their application process but also prepare effectively and efficiently for the CAT and other B-School entrance exams. Using this application you, along with your Mentor will be able to create and track the list of B-Schools you should be applying to and tests you should be taking. Further, the software will also help your Mentor and you to create and track a personalised study plan by assigning timelines to complete the various features of the IMS CAT program.

How does it work?


Click here to logon to your myIMS account and launch CAT Mentor. Enter your profile details in the Profile Tracker section of this application. This includes your basic details (like gender and category), academic qualifications, work experience details, past CAT and other exam scores.


Book an appointment with your Mentor for a myPLAN session by going to the appointment section. Each student will get 4 personalised sessions with the IMS Mentor – each of the sessions will be defined keeping in mind the need to mentor all students at a given centre.


Go for the myPLAN session as per the scheduled appointment.In this session the Mentor will assess your profile, current level of performance and accordingly help you make a strategy to improve your TEST performance. This interaction will also entail a detailed discussion on how to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.The Mentor will guide you on how and when to use the various IMS features and resources to address your needs in the most effective manner. Effectively, the Mentor will help you create a Study plan that you should follow until the next myPLAN session (frequency as advised by the mentor).

During these interactions, you may seek guidance on any issue that you face during your prep or any hurdle that you believe will reduce your chances of success.

For more details or to understand clarify any queries on CAT Mentor do get in touch with your Centre Manager.

For any other queries, please write to us at ims@imsindia.com or contact us at 1800-1234-467.

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