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IRMA - Issues of Social Concern

The structure of the test was similar to that of 2015. The 2016 examination was held on Feb 14 across various centres in India. The test was computer-based and had only one section. There were 40 questions and time allotted for the test was 80 minutes. There were 5 options for each question. There was negative marking - 1/4th of the marks would be deducted for every wrong attempt. The overall difficulty level of the test in 2016 was medium to difficult, mostly due to the fact most questions were Current Event questions which questioned the test-taker on the various “Yojanas” (schemes) instituted by the government of India.

The analysis of the test (based on some students’ reports) is as given below.

Out of the total of 40 questions, 12 were single stand-alone questions while 28 were passage based group questions. Only 4 questions pertained to international affairs, while the rest of the questions were on national affairs; there was one term based question (What is IMR?) and one abbreviation based question (Abbreviation of FLCC). From the passage based questions, some questions could be answered from the passage itself while others required one’s own knowledge to be able to answer the questions. Most of the passage based questions were direct although there were some “Course of Action” and “Inferential” based questions too. Most of the standalone questions pertained to states and various yojanas. For example: Which state was the first to launch Deen Dayal Upadhaya Gram Jyoti Yojana? And the first women Sarpanch with an MBA degree (her name was given) was from which state? It was clear that students needed to know the various “Yojanas” of the government really well to score well in this test.

As mentioned above there were very few questions on international events and they were on the easier side. For example: name the Nobel Peace Prize winners of 2015, name the organization that releases the Human Development Report etc.

As mentioned earlier it was extremely important for students to have studied the various schemes or “yojanas” of the government as a substantial chunk of questions pertained to these schemes. 

A good attempt for this test would be 19-20 questions (out of 28) for the passage based questions and 7-8 (out of 12) for the standalone questions with about 80-85% accuracy.

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