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Application Procedure

Most major institutes release advertisements for applications in the national dailies from August onwards. Keep track of the following factors to ensure that you are in control of the application process:

Tests Acceptance

Every Institute accepts one or more entrance tests as qualifying criteria for the second stage. Ensure that you complete the registration process for all tests that are needed for your shortlisted set of B-Schools. Keep in touch with all deadlines here

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying to any B-School, ensure that you meet the academic, work experience and age criteria (if any) as stated in the corresponding B-School notification.

Application Fee

The application fee for most of the good institutes is in the range of Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000. Given the number of institutes that vie for the students’ attention, it is important that you do not end up applying to many institutes. Institute applications cost money and you may end up spending too much on applications. The institutes and your aspiration must be compatible. Therefore, it is important that you apply only to those institutes that will provide value to you.

Last Date of buying and submitting forms

The last thing you should do is to miss out on an institute by failing to purchase its application form.

To keep track of the institute notifications, regularly visit the following link: https://www.imsindia.com/mba-notification.html

We suggest that you speak to the Education Advisor or the centre manager at the nearest IMS Learning Centre for further guidance on the B-School Application process.

B-School Application Form

Your completed application form is a very critical document that can be a deal breaker if you're careless in preparing it. Application forms mostly include a synopsis of personal, academic and professional accomplishments, along with a statement of purpose.

Ensure that you print/photocopy copies of the application form (even if it is online) before you start, as you may make errors while filling a form. You may need to revise the content of your form details a number of times before finalising the same. Use of simple language is recommended. You do not need to impress by using a multitude of adjectives. Your accomplishments should speak for themselves. Even though you may use a spell-checker, get someone you trust to read through everything, and look for typos or grammatical errors. Once you are assured of the content, proceed to submitting the form - offline or online, as the case may be.


It is recommended that you maintain a file with a copy of your application and all the documents, including the copy of the DD that you sent to the Institute, for future reference.

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