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Congratulations! The CAT is finally over. Whether the exam went well for you or not, you must have already thought of, “How can I hedge my risk?” and considered options like XAT, SNAP, CMAT, MAT, CET and others. But there’s another test you might not have considered yet,– the GMAT!

Why should you consider GMAT as an alternate option?

GMAT Quant and Verbal sections are close to CAT.

The scores of GMAT are valid for 5 years unlike any Indian test.

Scientifically designed: making its score extremely predictable

GMAT is a very good backup option

It opens doors to 6000+ programs across 2100 universities in 114 countries including India. Opens up international options for

   Top global MBA programs like Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, INSEAD, LBS

   MIM programs (for recent graduates) offered by LBS, HEC Paris, Kellogg, etc

How to Prepare?

As a CAT taker, you can prepare for the GMAT in a short time frame, all you need is a little tweak. Since most top B-schools have their application deadlines for 2017 admissions in the month of January, you can prepare and take the GMAT by December end. You can join IMS GMAT Fastrack program, a short duration program that enables you to tune your CAT prep for GMAT in 2-3 week!

The GMAT Fastrack program includes 24 hours of intensive workshop modelled classroom sessions on test strategies. It also includes 5 practice tests that help you ace the GMAT.

For details you can walk into nearest IMS centre or call us on our Toll free number 1800-1234-467.

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