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IRMA Social Awareness Test February 2018

IRMA Social Awareness Test (SAT) 2018 was conducted on February 4, 2018.

The test was from 3PM to 4:20 PM. Students had to report to their test venues by 2 PM with a colour printout of their admit cards along with an identity proof. The on-boarding process went off smoothly at most centers.

The test was computer-based and had only one section. There were 40 questions and time allotted for the test was 80 minutes. There were 5 options for each question. As normally is the case, the questions were MCQs with each correct answer fetching 1 mark. Each incorrect attempt would result in a deduction of 0.25 marks.As is the case with IRMA SAT, this time too, time was not a severely constraining factor. Some students reported that they could complete the paper in less than an hour; though attempting even 75% of the questions was quite difficult.

Overall, based on the feedback received from students, the test was more difficult than IRMA SAT 2017.

The test contained a mix of passage-based questions and individual ones. There were two abbreviation-based questions (acronym of IMO, GCDC). In the passage-based sets, barely one question could be attempted based on the information given in the passage. The rest of the questions in the set were related to the information given in the passage. This was a differentiating factorin IRMA SAT 2018 from IRMA SAT 2017 in which many questions in the passage-based sets could be attemptedbased on the information given in the passage itself. Overall, three questions in the passage-based sets were of “Fill in the blanks” type. There were some “corrective action” and “Inference-based”questions too.Overall, the passage-based sets were on the difficult side while the individual questions were of moderate difficulty levels.It was clear that students needed to know the various social issues currently prevalent in the country and “Yojanas” of the government really well to score well in this test.

The break-up of the questions is as given below:

Type No of Qs. Difficulty level
Passage-based set 1 – 3 Difficult
Universal Education
Passage-based set 2 – 3
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare
Passage-based set 3 – 3
Agenda of Sustained Development
Passage-based set 4 – 4
RTI and role of CIC
Passage-based set 5 – 2
NITI Aayog
Passage-based set 6 – 3
Ministry of AAYUSH
Passage-based set 7 – 3
RBI, GDP and Recapitalization
Passage-based set 8 – 3
Rural economy and financial inclusion
Passage-based set 9 – 3
PM Yojana for Self Help Groups
Passage-based set 10 – 3
Poverty and its dimensions
Standalone questions 10 Moderate

Based on the feedback available from students, a good attempt for this test would be 14-15 questions (out of 30) for the passage-based questions and 4-5 (out of 10) for the standalone questions with about 80-85% accuracy.

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