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JBIMS MSc Finance 2018 Test Analysis

JBIMS MSc Finance Test  was conducted on June 13 at JBIMS, Mumbai.
The test was conducted in a single slot from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.
The sections were:

  1. General Awareness - 25 questions
  2. Verbal Ability - 25 questions
  3. Quantitative Ability - 25 questions
  4. Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning - 25 questions

As far as the overall difficulty is concerned the test can be rated as an Easy test.The MSc Finance test, although known for being a speed based test, could have been easily managed in the given time duration.

The General Awareness section would be the decider as the other three sections were on the easier side. Someone well verse with GK and Current happenings could have easily aced the General Awareness section.

The test was well managed by the JBIMS team with no delays in the exam. There were a few errors in the question paper reported by the students who had appeared for the exam.

1 mark was awarded for a correct answer and 0.25 marks were deducted for an incorrect answer.

There were 5 answer choices for each question

Section specific feedback:

General Awareness:

Around 18 of the questions were based on Static GK whereas only 7 questions were on Current Affairs.

Area Number of questions
Static GK
History 5
Geography 4
Polity 5
Science 2
Business 2
Current Affairs
Business & Finance 6
Sports 1

About8 questions were easy and the rest ranged from medium to difficult level of difficulty.
If you are able to attempt around 17 to 19 questions in about 15 minutes in this section with 80 % accuracy, it would be a good attempt.

Verbal Ability:

Surprisingly, the test had no reading comprehension passages. Students found the Verbal Ability section to be the easiest.Most of the questions in this section were direct and could have been easily answered.

Area No. of Qs.
Parts in error 5
Fill in the blanks (Tenses) 5
Fill in the blanks (Vocabulary based) 5
Opposites 3
Synonyms 2
Choose the correct spelling 2
Active/Passive voice 3

Around 22-24 attempts in this section, with 85-90% accuracy, in 20-25 minutes would be good.

Quantitative Abilty:

The Quantitative Ability section can be rated as Easy–Moderate in difficulty.
Students reported that the section had 18-19 easy questions (sitters) which required implementation of basic concepts while the rest were of moderate difficulty.
As normally is the case, this section was dominated by Arithmetic-based questions.The rest of the questions were distributed in the areas of Numbers,Algebra and Modern Math.There were no questions from the Geometry section that appeared in the test.

Area No of Qs. Specifics
Arithmetic 12 Averages, SI & CI, Percentages, TSD, Mixtures, Time and work.
Modern Math 9 Probablity, Permutations and combinations, Sequences and series.
Algebra 1 Inequations
Numbers 3 Divisiblity of Numbers, HCF – LCM, Series (odd term)

In around40 minutes, around 22-24 attempts in this section with 90% accuracy would be good.

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning:

This section would again be rated as easy–moderate. There were 3 Data Interpretation sets and 2 Logical Reasoning sets. All these sets were quite manageable and must have been attempted. Apart from these, the section covered questions from different topics likeFamily Tree, Puzzles, Series, Directions, Syllogisms, etc.

No. of Qs. Area
5 DI Set – Table based
3 DI Set –Routes &Networks
3 LR Set - Rankings
2 LR Set -Routes & Networks
3 LR Set – TSD based puzzle
1 Missing terms
4 Visual Reasoning
1 question each Calenders, Family tree, Syllogism, Cause and effect

Around 22 to 24 attempts in this section, with 90% accuracy, in around 40 minutes would be good.

Based on the feedback available from students, we estimate that an overall an attempt of around  85 questions with 85-90% accuracy would be good.

All students writing the test will be called in batches for GDPI sessions on either of the following 3 days after the testi.e14th ,15th  or 16th June

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