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myIMS Features

myIMS is a special resource for all our Students! We have created this portal to aid our students in preparation for CAT and other management exams. Apart from management entrance tests, this website is also extremely useful for Placement Exam preparations. Put simply - myIMS is a virtual instructor that is available anytime of the day.

myIMS has been designed to provide our students with an Improved Layout, Enhanced Learning Experience and In-depth Test Analytics. Mentioned below a summary of the KEY features incorporated in the myIMS.

1. The All New Test Dashboard - "myPrep Zone"

The test Dashboard is designed and structured to reflect the IMS C.A.T. Approach - a pedagogy for effective & efficient learning accordingly the e-Concept builder questions, section tests and SimCATs will now be available under 3 heads:

  • C - Concept Builder Module - The 3000+ Concept builder questions is available in the CONCEPT BUILDER MODULE, wherein questions will be classified topic-wise and further based on the levels of difficulty.

  • A - Application Builder Module - 1600+ Application level questions (Area-Wise tests) will be available in the Application Builder module, wherein questions areclassified Area-wise and further as MCQ, TITA or SET based question types. Student can now practice with 1 or more questions or 1 or more sets at a time.

  • T - Test Taking Skill Builder Module - The 30 Section Tests (10 QA, 10 DI-LR & 10 VA-RC), take home SimCATs (25), Proctored SimCATs (15) and ADMAT tests will be available in the Test -taking Skill Builder module. Each of the tests is followed by a detailed Performance Evaluation Report (PER)

2. Unique Features of the C and A modules

  1. All questions in these modules is available with pre-defined time-limits per question(QA/VA/VR) or per Set(LR/DI/RC) - this will help to inculcate the habit of solving questions under time pressure. The timer will be shown on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. An on-screen Calculator is provided for all questions in both these modules

  3. All TITA questions in the Application Module will have the on-screen keyboard.

  4. For every question in either of these modules– student can either submit the answer or skip the questions.

    1. If the student skips the question, they will be shown the link to view the correct answer and a link to view the explanatory answer

    2. If the student solves and submits the response to the question within the prescribed time limits:
      • If correct – the answer status will be displayed as Correct along with link to view explanatory answer.
      • If Incorrect – the answer status will be displayed as “Wrong” and students will now have the option of viewing the right answer along with link to view explanatory answer or give it another try and see if they can get it right in the second attempt. However note that the reworked answer cannot be re-submitted

    3. If the student exhausts the prescribed time-limit, they can either
      • Click on OK to continue solving the question with an extended time-limit or
      • Click on Cancel to submit the question as “Skipped” 

  5. After every question is submitted the following analytics will be displayed to help the gauge the performance
    1. Time taken to solve or skip the question 
    2. Average time taken by students who solved the question and got it correct
    3. % of students who got it correct   

  6. If the students clicks on “End Practice” at any stage they will be taken to a page that summarises their performance in that particular topic/area with the following details
    1. % Attempt
    2. % Accuracy
    3. Average Time Taken per Question

3. Unique Features of the T module

  1. All Tests like the Section Tests, SimCATs (take home & proctored), SimCAT 0 & ADMATs will be available here

  2. A student can view a summary of the performance on the dashboard itself. The following details will be displayed alongside each of the tests listed in any section of this module
    • Overall/Sectional Scores
    • Overall/Sectional Percentiles
    • Overall – Highest Score/95%ile score/85%ile score

4. CAT Meter

  1. This feature will provide analytics that will help the students review their performance across all SimCATs taken on the basis of
    • Performance across tests
    • Performance across areas/topics
    • Performance across difficulty levels
  2. For the areawise/topics you can sort your performance on the basis of your accuracy levels to identify your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESS

To know more about IMS CAT Meter, Click here

5. IMS Alerts : News & Notifications

This section will highlight the latest notifications sent to students relating to topics like B-School & test application deadlines, SimCAT related updates etc.

6. myForum

An interactive forum for students to post all queries related to their preparation, IMS Material, SimCATs etc. – the same will be moderated by the Product team.

7. Recent Articles

These will list the latest topics posted on various IMS Blogs like VKpedia and CAT100percentile.com

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