RC 100

     Is Reading Comprehension your weakest section in CAT?
     Are you looking for more practice with RC passages?
     Do you want to assess your reading comprehension skills across varied topics and subjects?

About RC 100

Reading Comprehension (RC) passages constitute an integral part of the Verbal Ability section of most management admission Tests. These passages can be of varying lengths and cover a wide variety of topics in areas such as current affairs, history, literature, sociology, philosophy, anthropology etc. Needless to say you cannot expect to score very well in English section till you are good at RC, which means you have good speed as well as accuracy, as RC questions are more challenging and time consuming.

RC 100 has been created to provide entrance test-takers with sufficient practice so that they get familiar with the different kinds of passages & question types.

All major MBA entrance exams such as the CAT/XAT/IIFT/NMAT/SNAP etc. have been covered in this book, with regard to the types of passages and the types of questions that appear in these examinations.

This book has the following components:

  1. 100 passages across varying levels of difficulty
  2. 400 Specific/Inferential Questions classified as “Must Do”, “Doable” and “Difficult”
  3. Performance Monitor Chart to help you monitor your RC proficiency

How to use the book?

  • The passages in this book have been categorized from Level 1 to Level 5 – with Level 1 being the easiest and Level 5 being the most difficult.

  • The 100 passages have been distributed into 25 sets of four passages each – with each set having specified time-limits. Within a set, the passages are arranged in increasing order of difficulty.

  • You may choose to either attempt 1 passage at a time or a set of 4 passages at a time – but do not attempt passages without time-limits.

  • After the specified time-limits, check your accuracy and score. The Performance Monitor Scorecard given at the each set will help you evaluate your performance with respect to the target score. Your RC proficiency is
    • “Good” if you are able to accurately attempt a majority of the questions classified as “Must Do” or “Doable”
    • “Superior” if you could also solve a majority of the “Difficult” questions accurately.

Process to Book/Purchase RC 100

Students can purchase the RC 100 Book online (by making online payment) as well as at the nearest IMS Centre. Please follow the below process to enrol Online or purchase at the IMS Centre.

RC 100 is offered at Rs. 300/- for all IMS CAT enrolled students.

Process to Enrol Online

IMS CAT enrolled students who wish to avail the waiver, please write to us at with your IMS PIN and the team shall respond with the waiver code.

Process to Purchase at the IMS Centre

Students can visit the nearest IMS Centre with their IMS PIN and purchase the RC 100 at the special price. (Confirm the stock availability with the centre by contacting the centre. To contact your nearest IMS centre, click here)

Eligibility for IMS Enrolled students:

Applicable to students who have enrolled with IMS for CAT Classroom programs, Correspondence programs, 5 Test series programs (e-test series plus, e-test series, SimCAT Plus, SimCAT Proctored, SimCAT Online) and eMaximiser Series (eMaximiser plus, eMaximiser All, eMaximiser DILR, eMaximiser Quant, eMaximiser Verbal)

RC 100 is offered at Rs. 400/- for all non-enrolled students.

Process to Purchase Online

RC 100 is available with an introductory offer whereby students can click on the "Buy Now" and apply this code: RC400 to avail the waiver. Offer valid till 31st January 2019

Process to Purchase at the IMS Centre

Students can visit the nearest IMS Centre to purchase the RC 100 at the special price. (Confirm the stock availability with the centre by contacting the centre. To contact your nearest IMS centre, click here )

Please Note:

  • *RC 100 Book (2016 edition) is not available as an e-book/PDF format and a physical copy shall be delivered within 7 working days.
  • CAT 500 (2018 as well as 2017 edition) is not available as an e-book/PDF format and a physical copy shall be delivered within 7 working days after enrolment.
  • Prices are subject to change anytime and NO refund will be provided under any circumstances.
  • Students must check the waivers applicable and apply the waivers to enrol for the program as no refund shall be provided post enrolment.

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