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Shortlisting B Schools

Most major institutes release an advertisement for applications in the national dailies from August onwards. To keep track of the institute notifications, regularly visit the following link:


Given the number of institutes that compete for the attention of students, it is important that you do not end up applying to many institutes. Institute applications cost money and you may end up spending too much on such applications. The institutes and your aspiration must be compatible. Therefore, it is important that you apply only to those institutes that will provide value to you. So, the idea is to narrow down to a few select schools, based on relevant criteria. Here are some guidelines you could use:


The media spotlight on the MBA programme has resulted in a plethora of websites dedicated to supplying information on the different options available today. First, do some background research. Here is where your social networking websites come in handy; you can usually find alumni communities where you can ask questions.


Most Prominent schools have a list of their faculty members and their credentials on their website. Take some time to examine these. People with relevant industry experience, a good number of research papers, stellar academics, etc., are the ones that provide value to students. Have a look at both the permanent as well as the visiting faculty profiles. Quite a lot of the professors at the premier institutes also teach at other places, so you can make a pretty accurate assumption about the quality of the institute by the faculty members they enjoy.


If your institute of choice doubles up as a leather-processing unit at night, it may not be quite as peachy as you initially thought. Do check to make sure that the institute has dedicated facilities, aesthetic classrooms, a good IT backbone and sufficient reading material at the very least. Wi-Fi support, sports facilities and comfortable hostels are a definite plus. The MBA is a field of study that is in a state of continual flux as new perspectives are included in the syllabus to understand and interact with new realities. Being up to date is the cornerstone of a successful MBA. Make sure your institute is in touch with current trends.


Although many of you may not really care about this, it is nevertheless important to check the placement track record of the institute. Schools often make public a list of their most prominent recruiters. A dearth of talent has meant that quite a lot of B-schools have had successful placement seasons. While analysing, salary is not necessarily omnipotent; look at the job profiles as well. Study what the job entails and find out if there is something you would like to pursue as a career. Some colleges have more companies of a particular sector visiting their campus, e.g., IT or finance. Factor this information into your decision.


While you must be prepared to face terrible storms and mob fury in the course of your MBA programme, some thought on the location of your institute could help in the long run. This is not a very straightforward criterion, because there are some excellent institutes at some not-so-favorable locations, and vice versa. However choose an institute that is close to metropolitan cities and other major commercial centers. This implies that it is easier for faculty and companies to visit the campus, and improved networking never hurts anybody.


They are potentially the most significant source of information you can have. Since they have experienced the institute for better or worse, it makes sense for you to try and contact as many alumni of as many different institutes and try to correlate their different viewpoints. These could make the most difference to your decision. So, dig out that senior you haven’t seen for 10 years and let the honey flow.

The criteria mentioned above are not exclusive to any test. Use these parameters to evaluate all entrance examinations and the corresponding colleges as well.

All along, keep the mundane practicalities well under your control. Don’t wait for D-day to acquire the submission forms; it is usually a mad rush for them as the last date approaches. Buy them well in advance. Read the prospectus thoroughly and send in your applications well in time. It would be a disaster for corporate India if your application form could not be processed.

We suggest that you speak to the counselor or the centre manager at the nearest IMS Learning Centre for guidance on shortlisting B-Schools to apply to, based on your profile and aspirations.


It is recommended that you maintain a file with a copy of your application and all the documents, including the copy of the DD that you sent to the Institute, for future reference.

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