IMS Test Availability Schedule – CAT

As per the CAT notification, CAT 21 will be a two-hour test. To ensure that you get maximum exposure to the announced format, IMS will make changes to the SimCATs and sectional tests.

  • All upcoming SimCATs will be in the 120- min format.
  • Already released content will be updated to the new format.
    We will update the following tests as per the schedule mentioned below:
    1. SimCATs 1,2, and 4
    2. Take-home SimCATs 101-107
    3. All 30 Sectional Tests

Your action plan: If you want to take tests in the interim period, Please take SimCATs 3, 5 and Take-home tests 108-110 as these are already in the two-hour format.

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  • The already released tests will continue to be available in the three-format so that you can review the tests already taken.
  • It is not advisable to re-attempt the SimCATs already taken as you are already familiar with the content.
  • You have access to 40+ SimCATs AND 30 Sectional tests to ensure that you are well prepared for CAT'21.
  • The percentiles for all revised content will be made available once a statistically significant number of students have taken the tests (usually within 4-6 weeks of the release).
  • The Tests & Workshops will be deactivated on 31st March following the Exam year enrolled for.

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