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Top B Schools List

Most major institutes release an advertisement for applications in the national dailies from August onwards. Stay updated with IMS for MBA Notifications- Test Registrations and B school application deadlines.

Given the number of institutes that compete for the attention of students, it is important that you do not end up applying to many institutes. Institute applications cost money and you may end up spending too much on such applications. The institutes and your aspiration must be compatible. Therefore, it is important that you apply only to those institutes that will provide value to you. So, the idea is to narrow down to a few select schools, based on relevant criteria.

IMS has recommended the below list of top 100 B schools based on overall brand name, past expereince, Fees vis-a-vis placements, student's/alumni feedback, infrastructure, quality of faculty.

Know more about the Institute details, click on the Institute name of your choice and visit the Institute profile
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