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Where to apply?

Calculate your CAT 2017 score and Predict your B-School

The next BIG Question after CAT?

"I have attempted 'x' questions and expect 'y' of them to be right. What percentile can I expect? Do I stand a chance of getting an IIM call? Which other B-schools should I apply to?"

With the CAT done and dusted, you now need to answer the question of where to apply based on your CAT scores. Hopefully you applied to all the 20 IIMs while registering for the CAT. For the rest of the B-Schools that accept CAT, you need to draw up a shortlist of B-Schools that match your profile, aspiration and expected CAT percentile. To ensure a smooth application process, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:

Calculate your CAT score and predict your B-School

CAT 2017 Score Calculator

Step 2:

Get your Predictive Percentile by 29th November 2017.

Both the score and the predicted percentile shall be available on the website GoFYI.in  - Find your  Institute. While no predictor can claim to be accurate at this stage – results thereof will at least let you know the percentile range you are likely to end up in. You may use the percentile & call predictor put up by FYI (an IMS initiative) for this purpose.

After drawing the shortlist, you need to apply to colleges based on their application deadlines:  

  1. For colleges that have application deadlines before the CAT results– decide NOW whether you would be applying to them or not. I would advise you to keep a buffer of + 5 percentile while taking this decision.

  2. For colleges that have application deadline after the CAT results – WAIT for the CAT results. Do not be in a hurry to apply to these colleges. It is better to act when you are better informed.

Percentiles alone are not enough to get a call. The student will also have to clear sectional cut-offs, if any. There are other parameters like academics and work experience which are also considered for GD-PI calls.

Registrations for the Common Admission Test (CAT) to IIMs and other leading B-schools have shot up to a 7-year high with over 2.3 lakh candidates applying for the entrance test and over 8000 students are expected to receive GD-PI calls for the 3700 odd IIM seats. This translates to roughly 4-5% of the total aspirants.

IIMs shortlists applicants based on Application Rating Scores calculated after considering different parameters like CAT scores (overall and sectional), Academic Performance (Xth, XIIth, Graduation), Work experience. A few IIMs also offer additional weightages on the basis of Academic and Gender Diversity.

Institutes like SP Jain Institute of Management Studies shortlists students based on profile even before CAT results are out!

To know everything about IIMs Shortlisting criteria, top b-schools accepting CAT, IIMs first stage cut-offs and Final call cut-offs, refer the Quick Links section

This is an indicative listing to aid students in their decision making process. However, please note that IMS is not responsible for decisions taken by students on the basis of this information.

If you need any help with B-School short-listing and application process, get in touch with IMS Mentors available at all our centres or write to cat@imsindia.com or Call Toll-free 1800-1234-467.

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Calculate your CAT score and predict
your B-School

CAT 2017 Score Calculator

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