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IMS has been mentoring students for four decades. Based on our experience, we have developed a program with 5 elements, designed to make your CAT preparation simple and effective.

Get the unfair advantage.

The FIVE cornerstones of the all new CAT approach

  • C.A.T. Approach - The learning pedagogy that will henceforth drive the offline, online and mobile study plan.
  • CAT Meter - The improved Performance Evaluation Report with comprehensive test analytics that will help student monitor and track their academic progress.
  • CAT Maximiser - Essence of CAT distilled into a series of 15 Maximiser Workshops and power Workshops like FMTC, LMTC and CAT Finale.
  • CAT Mentor - A mentor assigned to every CAT student to help create, execute and monitor their personalised prep plan (myPLAN) .
  • CATsApp - An all new mobile application that enables preparation for CAT anytime, anywhere.

C.A.T. Approach: Concept – Application – Testing

Efficient and Effective Learning

The C.A.T. Approach is based on the fact that students need to go through a structured preparation plan for the CAT. The right approach to prepare is what differentiates a CAT cracker from a CAT victim! Students need to phase out their preparation, identify the effort required in each phase and customise their approach accordingly – a three-phase process of preparation called “The C.A.T Approach”. To facilitate this approach, we have realigned the key features of IMS CAT Program viz. Study Material, Online Learning, Platform and Class Delivery.

Phase 1: Concept Builder (IMS BRMs, CATapult Classes, Online Concept Builder)

  • Learn concepts tested in Quant, DI, LR & Verbal
  • Build conceptual clarity across areas
  • Get to 75 percentile!

Phase 2: Application Skill Builder (Maximiser Workshops, Online Application Builder)

  • Practice with Questions across concepts
  • Build confidence to take on  the “CAT-level” questions
  • Get to 95 percentile!

Phase 3: Test taking Skill Builder (Online Test Skills Builder- SimCATs & Section Tests, SimCAT Feedback Session)

  • Assess your competency with Simulated CATs
  • Identify & bridge gaps to maximise your score
  • Get to 100 percentile!

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CAT Meter

In-depth analytics of your progress                        

Simply taking tests doesn’t ensure a good preparation. Analysing one’s performance in the test and taking appropriate corrective action is critical.

The IMS CAT Meter is a comprehensive post-test analytics tool that provides an in-depth analysis of the student’s performance. Students get a detailed analysis of their performance not only at an overall test level but also across sections, areas, topics and questions.

The CAT Meter contains:

  • Progress Tracker: Monitor your progress on critical parameters like % Attempts, % Accuracy and Average Time taken at different levels viz. Topic-wise, Area-wise, Section-wise, and Overall.
  • Gap Analysis: Use the Question-wise Score Improvement tool to identify and bridge the knowledge and skill gaps.
  • Comparative Analysis: Compare your performance against set targets, benchmark scores against toppers and other test-takers and get an overall reading of performance as compared to previous tests.

To know more about IMS CAT Meter, Click here

CAT Maximiser

Power workshops with the Essence of the CAT

To succeed in the CAT, it’s not enough (or maybe even necessary) to know all concepts or just to solve tough questions. The key is to solve as many questions as possible in the given time limit as accurately as possible and to maximize your score in the test. To achieve this, you need to build your confidence to take on the CAT-level questions and also imbibe the test-taking techniques and strategies needed to ace the CAT.

IMS’s CAT Maximiser is just what the doctor ordered to meet the above objective.

The CAT Maximiser Series comprises power-packed workshops that include:

A set of rigorous workshops based on past 15 year CAT papers: The 3 hour workshops will take you through all the concepts tested in the CAT and hone the necessary skill-sets for effectively improving your performance in the tests.

A series of intensive workshops that focus on all the aspects of CAT preparation — from subjects areas to tips and shortcuts to overall test-taking strategy. Adding to these are special workshops like giving students the complete learning experience.

Power Sessions such as First Mile to CAT, Last Mile to CAT, CAT Finale and National Achievers Workshop will give you opportunities to interact with a panel of experts that includes CAT 100%ilers, IIM ALUMNI and Industry Experts. These sessions are especially designed to give you specific insights for test preparation, test-taking strategies, and techniques, B-school application strategy and WAT-GD-PI preparation.

To know more about IMS CAT Maximiser, Click here

CAT Mentor

Personalised Mentoring

At IMS, we realise the students’ need for a personalised learning experience. To ensure this, every student will have an experienced person to guide them through their preparation.

Students need guidance at every stage of their preparation from subject prep, test-taking skills and strategies, improving their performance, B-school short-listing and applications, profile enhancement, WAT, GD and Interview preparation, and last but not the least, choosing between multiple final admits. So at various stages of the student’s preparation, the CAT Mentor is a Counsellor, a Teacher, a Trainer, a Coach, a Guide and a Career Consultant.

  • Subject Expert: Our Mentors help students assimilate the various concepts assessed in the various aptitude tests: Maths, English, Reasoning and General Knowledge.
  • Test Expert: Our Mentors help students understand the nuances of a test, and provide them with crucial test-taking skills and strategies.
  • Personal Coach: Our Mentors help students identify the knowledge and skill gaps by analysing their test performances and provide solutions to help bridge those gaps.
  • Career Advisor: Our Mentors help students take well-informed decisions with regard to your careers by giving guidance about MBA specialisations, industries, which B-schools to apply to, which tests to take, and much more.

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Convenient Learning Experience

Today, one of the best services we can give our students is to help them study anywhere, anytime. Through IMS’s all new mobile app, students can access IMS’s all new student portal containing the C.A.T. Learning Platform, as well as IMS SimCATs and question bank, all with the convenience of their smartphone.

With CATsApp, students can

  • Build conceptual clarity
  • Practice CAT-level questions
  • Take section tests and full-length tests
  • Review performance with comprehensive test analytics
  • Get additional features like Vocabulary Flashcards, Question-of-the-day, Chat4CAT and B-school alerts.

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