CAT 2018

Student feedback for Slot 1 and Slot 2

  • MS: CAT 2018 slot 1-Quants messed up my attempt ! Will hardly clear sectional. Impossible to reach 99 overall then
  • SM: CAT 2018 slot 1-Quant was little lengthy
  • JS: CAT 2018 slot 1- varc - tough, lrdi - no idea , qa - tough
  • RS: CAT 2018 quant was little difficult...could attempt only 14
  • S: CAT 2018 slot 1 was hard for me -quant was hard , varc was easy, lidr was hard too
  • MP: I thought DILR slot 1 was much easier compared to last year slot 1 16-18 attempts with 85 percent accuracy should get u 97-98 percentile.Choosing sets was crucial.
  • KJ: slot 1QA I thought was marginally tougher 24-26 attempts with 85-90 accuracy ( net score 60-62) would get u to 99 percentile
  • "HP: CAT 2018-slot 1 as compared to CAT 2017 Verbal : 10% simpler DI - similar to 10% simpler Quant - slightly more difficult"
  • AP: Water mark was a little irritatingly placed throughout the screen on CAT 2018 slot 1 paper
  • "AP: 28-VARC, 12-DILR, 17-QA QA wasn't tough, it was just very lengthy.My center had weird invigilators who were asking people to sign during the exam, while I was solving RC questions. The lights went off so many times that I finally stopped caring. Great arrangement by CAT at Bokaro center."
  • "P: Varc - 27A (was similar to last year in overall difficulty. Had to make a choice between the 4 question rc and va. Chose the latter.Hoping for the best) Dilr - 14A (Contrary to popular belief I think this fell somewhere in between slot 1 and slot 2 of last years cat.Found it to be on the difficult side) Quant - 15A (Hard.Horrible for someone like me who's weak at quant.Hope to clear the cut off..) Overall - 56A (harder than last year on my opinion.Expecting cut offs to drop drastically.) All the best for the people giving slot 2!"
  • "AH: Varc 33A quite easy Dilr 28A easier than last time for sure QA 21A was very lengthy .. hopefully I get close to 99 already."
  • "SP:Slot - 2 VA- 32A LRDI- 18A QA- 24A My first attempt at CAT so can only compare with 2017. VA was slightly tougher (5 RCs with 5 questions each and 1 with 4 questions). LRDI was less intimidating than last year QA was tougher plus lengthier. I think the main issue was time."
  • "GK: QA more difficult than last year, DILR one notch easier than last year "

CAT 2018 Test Analysis

CAT 2018 was conducted on 25th November across India by IIM Calcutta. We hope you performed well to crack the CAT 2018 exam.

As per IMS students, test takers feedback IMS has published detailed analysis of Slot 1 and 2 with expected percentile mapper. To make it more interactive, IMS has published Video Analysis of the same!

Stay tuned to check the CAT 2018 Score Calculator and the most important question i.e What after CAT 2018?

CAT 2018 Slot 1
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CAT 2018 Slot 2
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Non Disclosure

Please note that all CAT 2018 Test Takers have agreed to a Non disclosure clause before the test hence IMS believes & advises all it's students to not disclose or share any questions on any IMS forum or otherwise.

CAT 2018 - Slot 2

CAT Mentor Mr. Bimal Master was Live on Youtube.

CAT Mentor Mr. Hemang Panchmatia was Live on Facebook.
CAT 2018 - Slot 1
CAT 100 percentiler Mr. Ojas Doshi was Live on Facebook.

CAT Mentor Mr. Amit Panchmatia was Live on Youtube.

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