1. Exhaustive Study Material

    IMS offers the most comprehensive and best quality study material for test preparation - The BRM (Basic Reference Material). The BRM pack comprises booklets with over hundreds of questions for concept learning and practice. With the BRM Pack, also get access to online practice tests that are comprehensive and provide adequate practice for effective preparation

  2. Effective Classroom Training

    IMS classroom programmes are based on a common philosophy that a certain basic level of learning is to be accomplished by the students themselves with the help of the BRMs provided to them. The Basic Reference Material (BRM) exhaustively deals with the topics tested in the various entrance tests.

    In Class:

    Both the IMS classroom variants are designed to revise basics, teach important concepts, illustrate the application of the concepts and assess the learning that is imparted in the class through various solved and unsolved examples. However, the time spent on each of these elements is different for different variants on the basis of the ‘perceived need’ for each of the elements.

    After the Class:

    The student is expected to revise the concepts that are taught in class with the help of the BRM and the student copy provided in the class. The student should necessarily complete all the BRM exercises corresponding to the topics taught in a class as well as the home assignment problems provided in the students’ copy

  3. Truly Simulated Test Experience

    Taking competitive tests means that students must always be able to assess their individual performance vis-à-vis their peers. Therefore, the most important advantage with the practice tests is that students get to compare their performance with their peers.

  4. Personalized Counselling

    Today, information overload is one of the major challenges faced by the student community. While there is a plethora of information available online or otherwise on institutes, entrance tests, test preparation strategies, application deadlines, eligibility criteria, specialized programs, etc., it has become increasingly difficult for students to find the "right information" on the basis of which they can take informed decision with respect to their career in general, and their pursuit of their career goals.

  5. IMS provides personalized counseling to every student with regard to:

    Creating an effective study plan for entrance tests

    Institute program short listing based on student profile/interest

    Form filling assistance for test and institute application process

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