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CSAT Correspondence Program

This correspondence program has been specially designed for candidates who wish to prepare for the CSAT, but are unable to attend regular classes, either due to other commitments or if they live far away from an IMS centre. For these candidates, IMS advises a high level of self-discipline and self-motivation.

Program Fee: Rs. 6000/-

Key Features

  • Basic Reference Material (BRM): Exhaustive study material for CSAT Paper II, prepared by our team of IMS experts that will build concepts and application skills that are tested in the CSAT.
  • Test series: 15 full length paper based comprehensive tests: These will be sent to the students via courier service.
  • Access to MyIMS: Every student who enrols for the CSAT Correpondence Program will get access to myIMS, the exclusive online student support portal, where students can access different online tests as well as the latest notifications and updates for CSAT.
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