IIMs GD-WAT-PI Experiences

IIMs GD-WAT-PI process was conducted between January-February and the below experiences were shared by IIMs first call getters.

IIM Ahmedabad WAT PI experiences

Class X - 10.0
Class XII - 91.8%
Btech, Electronics and Electrical, IIT Guwahati, CGPA 9.11
CAT: 99.61%
Just to mention before going further that my personal opinions/ thoughts (at the time) will be in italics and enclosed within round brackets throughout this answer.
IIM A AWT Experience:
Time: 20 min (5 to think, 15 to write)
Case study on self driving cars. The writer recommended that the existing self driving technology is the best available technology and it should be adopted as soon as possible as there are no other feasible alternatives to it.
Basic Math Test:
Time: 10 min (3 questions)
Q1: A limit question (extremely basic)
Q2: Inversion of 2x2 matrix
Q3: Definite integration question
Note: This math test does not contribute in any way to the final selection.
IIM A Personal Interview Experience:
Time: around 35 min
2 panelists (P1 and P2). P1 has masters in IT and P2 has four degrees in the field of statistics. Both are IIMA profs. Both look around 40 years of age at the time. (Extremely welcoming and making all the candidates as comfortable as possible.)
Confidence level: 9.9 | Preparation level: 9

  • Where are you from?
  • Must be far from here. Did you come today itself?
  • Where are you staying?


  • Tell me something about Oyo, its business model and what sets it apart?
  • Who’s the CEO of Oyo?


  • Anyways, have you followed some news lately?
  • C’mon! You are from science background. Tell me something latest in this field.


  • Is it feasible to look for a settlement there as of now?

 (P1 seemed impressed. P2 was simply staring at me real hard.)
P1: I see you are an IP/ML guy (must have judged from the projects that I had mentioned in the form), design an algorithm to detect any particular object in this room.
(There were n number of plastic water bottles on the table.)
P1:Go ahead.

  • Tell me about your final year project.
  • What are the drawbacks of SVM (Support Vector Machine)?

 (I guess P1 was really impressed with me by now. And I was feeling as if I had already made it. Was really difficult to remain calm.)
(Here comes P2 with his bag of questions)

  • You are an electrical guy. What are your favorite subjects?

(P1 interrupts)
P1 (to P2 looking at me): He is an algo guy. What does he know of it! (Looking at me)Do you?
P2: (delighted) Can you draw the schematic diagram of a simple transformer with all the relevant equations and its phasor diagram? (I guess he didn’t expect me to explain it fully but I was well prepared.)
(He passed on a sheet of A4 white paper and pointed towards the pen. I got way excited as soon as he completed his question. And because of that my left hand (a lefty!) was shaking a little as I began to draw the diagram)

  • Why is your hand shaking? Are you nervous?
  • Any inherent problem? (Looks concerned)
  • Ok, so what is leakage inductance? Can you draw it in the same diagram?(Drew)
  • Fine. What is an Auto-transformer? equations?

(Did. I think P2 was satisfied by now.)

  • Do you know about the middle east crisis?
  • Anything about Israel-Palestine relations with India?

Ok, one last thing. A standard question. Why should we take you?
P1 (to P2): Anything else you want to ask him?
P2: No. I am good.
P1: Would you like to have a toffee?

  • Have this cookie too. It’s amazing! (Both laughed)

P2: All the best for your future!

IIM A WAT Topic: A case where Firm A has laid off some employees and recruiter at competing Firm B suggests to hire those employees to extract trade secrets.

IIM A Personal Interview Questions :

  • What is Neural Network?
  • What is turing test?
  • Tell us about Jadavpur university.
  • Who is Buddhadeb Bhattacharya?
  • What is left wing and right wing?
  • Tell us about different types of governments across the world.
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What was the last movie you watched? What is a current issue with the judicial system of India?

(I belong to electronics and communication engg)
Group Discussion: related to level of Theobromine content in granola chocolate (similar to maggi crisis)

Personal Interview: There are two panelists male, female

  • How many satellites did ISRO recently launch?
  • How does satellite works? Function of GPS?
  • Kirchoff's law?
  • Ohms law?
  • Norton's theorem?
  • Difference between resistor and capacitor?
  • Why agribusiness??
  • He showed me an empty water bottle and asked me to tell 5 ways of using it... how to build a toy car?
  • About the recent movie. Tell 2 managerial aspects that I learnt from the movie.
  • NASA's recent findings about 7 earth like planets.
  • How the findings would benefit us?

IIM Bangalore WAT PI experiences

IIM B WAT topic:
The ratio of male and female in colleges are good. Then why is it not the same in corporate life. Mention the causes and solutions. (not exact words) - 10mins(thinking) + 20mins(writing)
Venue: Vivanta Taj, Hyderabad

We were divided into groups of 6-8 and sent to separate rooms for the WAT. Each group was allotted three professors who monitored us throughout the WAT round and took our PIs as well. It was International Womens day and this topic was expected so I had prepared for the topic beforehand. Wrote a well-prepared essay and completed it long before the end time. Interviews started soon after the WAT was over. I was 4th in the group to be interviewed. The three boys who got interviewed before me had come out very happy and satisfied, this made me more nervous. There were three professors (say A and B and C). A was a lady in her mid-40s, B was a little aged, may be in late 50s and C was in his early 50s. Everyone looked scary to me somehow. I was asked to introduce myself initially.

  • A intervened in between to ask me more about Qualcomm as a company. They asked me all sorts of questions regarding Qualcomm conflicts in the market and why is the leading company in its sector. Up till now, I was prepared for the kind of questions they were asking, so answered them all.
  • Then they moved to my home state, Jharkhand. They asked me 2 questions after that-
    1. Why are the people of Jharkhand poor even when there are so many mineral based industries?
    2. If you had to convince Qualcomm to come to Jharkhand, that quality would you highlight about Jharkhand.
  • After the grilling session, they asked me the difference and similarity between Tukda and Tihayi since I am a trained Kathak dancer, answered it correctly. They smiled and said Thank you, so did I even though I was very nervous.
  • I think I converted B only because I kept myself calm and smiling in the entire period. It is very important to smile since it hides your nervousness and keeping calm increases the listening power and reduces panic. One thing I learned from this interview is that the panel looks for reasons to select you and not reject you, they very patiently listen to you.

IIM Bangalore WAT Experience:
Time: 30 min (10 to think, 20 to write)
Something about GoI mission of 2022 on vocational training. But the actual topic asked for suggestions on how to improve the quality of vocational training that is imparted within this program and the programs conducted before.

  1. Noticed almost all the candidates from commerce background having their interviews of about 30 to 40 min each. Mine was way shorter.
  2. IIMB asks for a SOP and also three recommendations from professors/ supervisors beforehand. So, they already know some significant incidents/ experiences of yours.

IIM Bangalore Interview Experience:
Time: around 15 min
3 panelists. P1 to the left, P2 in center. P1 and P3 are IIMB profs while P2 is a 2004 IIMB alumnus. (P2 was extremely welcoming but again, the other two weren’t hostile either.)
Confidence level: 9.9 | Preparation level: 6

  • Must have been a long wait for you. (second last in the morning slot.) What have you been doing since your WAT? Did you inquire anyone about what was being asked?

 (Some expected questions followed)

  • Ok, what’s your main strength?weakness?


  • What do you do in spare time?
  • What’s your take on Kohli’s aggressive attitude? Is it good for the team? (Was referring to one particular incident in 2nd test between Ind vs Aus 2017 Border-Gavaskar Trophy)

 (As if suddenly switching gears, P1 pops in with the trendy GST bill. P3 was not comfortable with it. I guess he wanted to hear more about it from me.)

  • So, do you think that state autonomy is in danger because of apparent shift in the power to the central government due to GST?


  • What is the full form of GST, Neil?

(In a moment which seemed longer than it might have been, I went blank. Here I was, explaining the implications of the GST bill on state revenue and on the other side, I forgot the full form! After 5 long seconds, I answered correctly)
(P1 asked me to continue from where I left)

  • How many GST meetings have taken place till date?
  • Are you sure?


  • Do you want to ask anything from us?

Wish you all the best!

IIM Calcutta WAT PI experiences

Background - female, final year engineering student.
IIM C WAT Topic:
Global warming has adverse effects on all species on the planet. Should we migrate to another planet? If no, suggest measures to mitigate the disaster.
Interview panel: Male professor (P1), Alumnus (A), Female professor (P2)
Personal Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about yourself

A :

  • Write the conversion formula for centigrade to Fahrenheit
  • Take log on both sides and differentiate the equation with respect to C

P2 :

  • What is the business model of oyo rooms (had done an internship in oyo rooms after 2nd year)
  • What are the similarities between oyo rooms and uber?

A :

  • What is ceramic engineering?
  • What is the forming temperature of alumina?
  • Which metal does India export the most?
  • Location of iron mines in India
  • Capital of Manipur?
  • Who is Sharmila?
  • What is Brexit?
  • What are the different kinds of dollars?
  • Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?

P2 :

  • Do you know which family member of his is also in politics?

Thank you, you may leave.

IIM Calcutta - PGP - 24th March
Profile - X - 94% | XII - 93% | CA IPCC - 73%, CA Final - 66% | BCom - 65% | Work Ex - 3 Months in a PSU | CAT - 99.75
IIM C WAT Topic - TV Serials have started showing Indian Mythology. Are they an effective way to spread awareness about Indian Mythology?
I was the second last in my Panel of 11 people to be interviewed. So the wait of 4 long hours was frustrating. The panel consisted of 3 members, One Lady in the middle along with Two Professors. All in their mid 40s. I had already seen the dejected faces of people who interviewed before me. So I was not expecting anything less than a Stress Interview. The ordeal lasted around 17 minutes.

  • (She was reading out my application) So, you’re a CA, Did your Graduation from Xaviers, Interest includes Reading Non-Fictions & Solving Rubik Cube. Why Non-Fictions?
  • (Out of the blue) What is one foreign language you would love to learn?
  • Why French?
  • What all do you know about France?
  • Who’s the current Prime Minister of France?
  • Who’s Le Pen?
  • Who built the Eiffel Tower? Napoleon?(I could sense the sarcasm in her sweet voice) I am genuinely curious now. Do you know anything else about French?

L: (Gave me a copy of The Economist)

  • So can you read it clearly? Explain us what does it mean, by the Next French Revolution?
  • Do you know anything about The French Revolution?\Why are they comparing the current Elections to The French Revolution?\Have you heard of *Insert a French Name*?

 (Finally she stopped & pointed at the Professors)

  • So you’re a CA. Tell us, if there are so many CAs verifying the Books of Accounts, why are these scams happening?
  • So, you know about the Enron Scam right? There the Auditors were involved…. Even if you aren’t legally liable, shouldn’t you disclose that morally?
  • Tell me a way in which you can do something legal but unethical to show a better picture about your company?
  • What you explained is from an Accountant’s point of view. What about a Manager’s point of view?
  • See, suppose you decide on the timings on when to release a Positive news about the company, that will surely impact the share price & the net worth of the company. That is something unethical.
  • Tell me one Indian Executive who was detained for Insider Trading?
  • What did he do?

 (The next professor takes over now)

  • You mentioned you love reading Non-Fictions. Explain me how a Non-Fiction actually did some benefit for you?
  • But how did it benefit you?
  • You mentioned Kite Runner in the form. Have you seen the movie?
  • Have you read any novel after watching a movie?

We are done. *No toffees*
I was dead sure that I was going to get rejected. The interview went for almost 17 minutes. First 5 minutes on French. 5 minutes on Ethics in Accounting, 5 minutes on Novels and rest time for I don't know.
Results: Converted :) As if I'm living my dream. Going to IIM C!
What actually happened was, IIM Calcutta has a very high CAT cutoff even for Non-Engineers so a select few CAs get an interview call. But then CAs are preferred inside the campus, so hardly anyone gets rejected in the interview. Also many person had a stress interview in Calcutta. So maybe I just fared slightly better than them.

IIM Lucknow WAT PI experiences

IIM LUCKNOW PGP EXPERIENCE (IIM-L Noida campus, 1st April)
IIM Lucknow WAT Experience:
Time: 15 min (up to 300 words)
IIM Lucknow Topic: Is social inclusion necessary for economic inclusion?
(Many wrote about reservation and caste inclusion. Didn’t strike me! I went completely tangential to what many wrote but what I felt was relevant to the given topic. Touched on the international relations of India with US, Israel and China and how intermingling of Indian community with the natives helped cross inconspicuous economic bridges. Referring to my WAT during PI, I was told that I brought a fresh perspective to it)

  1. Almost all the candidates before me had interviews of about 15 min-20 min only.

Interview Experience:
Time: around 15 min      
2 panelists. P1 to the left. (He’s busy eating peanuts throughout my WAT and PI. P2 was really interested in having a casual conversation. Extremely humble, I would say.)
Confidence level: 10 | Preparation level: 2 (- for my dainty hair)

  • Tell me more about you (Had already gone through the fairly detailed IIML form, I suppose)

 (Stopped me on Ed Sheeran. I guess P2 was a fan too!)

  • Name of his latest album?

 (Meanwhile, P1 holding my form up, showing it to P2. I guess he’s pointing to my semester wise breakup of CGPA)

  • You have been fairly consistent throughout your graduation. Well done!
  • With all the fuss about negligible resistive loss in AC transmission, what are the advantages of transmitting DC power over AC?
  • Okay, we’ll (that meant P2 only, P1 was completely lost in the world of peanuts)ask you only two questions now. Consider your interview done by then. First, what are the five major breakthroughs in the world of electronics/ electrical?
  • Which newspaper do you read?
  • Honest enough! 5 recent stories you followed?
  • That will be enough. (Towards P1, in gestures, as if to ask if he’s through too with the questioning. P1 simply nodded) I think we are done with the interview. Thank you Neil. Nice talking to you.

VERDICT: Converted!

  1. Realized the importance of graduation marks in all my interviews. If you are still in a position to affect yours, please do!
  2. If you don’t know anything about a topic/subject, just accept it then and there.

IIM Lucknow Experience (The most interesting one): 2nd March
10 th : 96.4% (CBSE)
12th : 92 % (CBSE ) 
Grad : 89% (Electrical engineering , NIT Raipur )
Work-ex : 26 months in C*** India Limited 
Venue : Taj Bengal , Belvedore Kolkata
The hotel was beautiful with the waiting hall for IIML people even more beautifully arranged. At the start, I was allotted panel no.7 and had a group of 10 people. We were asked to move to a specific room. There waited two very smart looking professors, or so I believe. Let’s call them P1 & P2. 
IIM Lucknow WAT topic: Is women empowerment a hyped issue?
Personal Interview experience (The real ordeal):
I was the first to be interviewed and thus was called immediately after WAT.
P1 :

  • Hello, how are you?
  • I had a disturbed sleep yesterday .What about you? Nervous? 
  • No need to be nervous! Tell us something interesting about yourself. Not the regular stuff

P2 (laughs): Whoa! Tell me more.


  • Management is all about that. But you jumped right into your work field. I want to know about your graduation. You are an electrical engineer, right?
  • My laptop is 20VAC but our standard voltage supply is 240V AC. How does this charge my laptop then? 


  • OK, What system is used in Trains (AC/DC) Why ?


  • Ok, What is HVDC system?


  • Ok, you won Bhagvad Geeta championship . Do you believe Christianity is pure? 
  • Do you condemn the Graham stains murder act that happened in 2000?


  • Right! Let’s send you to ISIS then (sarcastic laughter) Ok, what do you think about e-commerce? Which is the most innovative company?
  • Amazon. Nice! It recently opened an Artificial intelligence based retail outlets .Where was it opened? State? 
  • Good, now let me ask you a question! Let’s say I want to buy some stuff for my wife but I don’t want my footprint there. So what do I do?
  • You’re not getting me. I want to buy some fun stuff. And I don’t want anyone to know about it. How do I do? I don’t want Amazon to know I am ordering .Plus, I am not tech savvy.


  • You’re teaching us to bribe students. Anyway, your hobbies except chess? 
  • Tell us about coal scam, coal prices and coal quality. 
  • Last question, any 2 famous people who graduated from IIM L? 

Verdict: Converted both their flagship courses. PGP & PGP-Sustainable management
Conclusion: No questions on ‘tell me about yourself’, ‘Why MBA’ , “strengths & weakness”. Interviews are really dicey!

IIM Indore WAT PI experiences

IIM Indore WAT Topic
India's performance in sports seems very poor. Should government give the authority to cooperate companies to train the athletes. Would it help?
Personal Interview
3 panelists - all male. 2 very quite serious but the middle one seemed quite happy to see me.
Lets call them P1, P2, P3 from left to right.

  • Please introduce yourself in such a way that we would remember you even after you step out of this room.

P3 interrupted :

  • What the population of your hometown?
  • Write down what is the unit to measure pain.
  • He wrote “DEL”. This is the unit. Could you tell us what is the maximum pain on a unit of 1 - 10 that a human body ever bears.

Brilliant answer. Very good. We are going to ask you a series of questions that you wouldn't be able to answer but we want you to figure out your way just like you did now.

  • He wrote a number “9435”. could you tell us what is this. It is in the news recently. It’s a prison number.
  • Do you like traveling?
  • How many countries are there on this planet?
  • Tell me which is latest country that came to existence.Its very recent. Infact july , 2011 to be more specific.
  • Draw the logo of Amazon.


  • Why is there an arrow from a to z ?
  • Name it’s biggest competitor now-a-days.
  • Who is the CEO of Ali Baba?
  • Tell me something about MNREGA.

Okay its now my last question. Please tell us something about 1 china policy and the issue Donald Trump has raised regarding it.

  • What is VLAN ?
  • What is mesh topology?Give me an example where we use it.
  •  Tell me the difference between fiscal and monetary policy. Who makes them? Sothe RBI governor is only meant to sign on the notes?


  • What is Data mining?You must have studied this subject for atleast 30 hours and now you are giving me this definition.
  • Write down the 7 OSI layers
  • What is TCP?What is COCOMO?
  • What is the difference between COCOMO and DOCOMO.

IIM Indore WAT Topic: Should corporate be involved in development of sports infrastructure. Give reasons?

Personal Interview:

  • Tell us something about yourself?
  • What is your show about?
  • What is the difference between community radio and normal radio?
  • Where does your father work?
  • Where do you live in Jharkhand?
  • What is 25 in M25?
  • How does one check characteristic strength?
  • Dimensions of the test cube?
  • What are the conditions for application of pile foundation?
  • What will happen if there is no strong stratum below -transfer the load by friction?
  • What if there is no friction-build a pile cap thick enough to act as a raft?
  • What if the strata is 1 km below?
  • What type of foundation is used in rivers-well foundation?
  • What is well foundation?
  • Why should it be used?
  • Draw sfd of cantilever carrying udl
  • Example g of cantilever bridge in India
  • What is the divisibility rule of 11? Give example?
  • Give an algorithm for the same.
  • What is a prime no?
  • How do find prime no?
  • How will you find an arbitrary prime no. Give the algorithm for the same?
  • Solve d/dx (1/y) +d/dy (1/x).
  • What is Rangoon-person place or a thing?
  • Where is Rangoon?
  • Do have knowledge of economics-not that much?
  • Which states recently had assembly elections?
  • No of assembly seats in Punjab?
  • Population of Punjab?
  • No of seats in lok Sabha?

IIM Kozhikode WAT PI experiences

About myself : Fresher (EEE) 90+ in X and XII. 77.6 in graduation. CAT 96.2 Percentile (Nc-OBC)
First Interview- IIM Kozhikode
IIM Kozhikode Written ability Test (WAT) and Group discussion (GD): Longevity due to medical advancements has adverse effects on the demography. 15 minutes. No word limit but you just has one side to write. GD was conducted on the same topic. Again 15 minutes.
Personal Interview : Two male panelists around the age of 40.

  • Tell me about yourself. It was pretty long, they kept asking me to go on and on.
  • What is the full form of SSN (My college name).
  • Who is Sri Sivasubramanium Nadar?
  • Who is Shiv Nadar?
  • Few questions about my college.
  • Asked me about whistling (Since I had mentioned it as my hobby) and asked me to whistle a song. (15 seconds)
  • What is your father?
  • Chennai floods and about rainfall in Chennai.
  • Puzzle about rainfall. Quite vague though.
  • Difference between Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
  • Who is the head of Rajya Sabha?
  • Difference between a law and a bill.

That’s it. It was really short. Around 9–10 minutes. One of the panelists kept looking at the file I had given them (Certificates , my drawings, etc) and the other asked me questions and while I was answering went through my answers in the form . Pretty cool panel , they made me feel comfortable and they waited for me to finish my answers. Overall a good experience.
Verdict - Converted (without WL)

IIM Kozhikode WAT, GD: Ancient war strategies from ancient epics are relevant in modern business
Personal Interview:

  • Introduction and work-experience related
  • Tell us about yourself? 
  • What is Salesforce? What are it's uses? What language do you program in? 
  • Details about my project and how it was relevant from the technical and business perspective?


  • Name a data structure whose memory isn’t stored in contiguous locations?
  • Name another apart from linked list?

General Awareness

  • Difference between Independence Day and Republic day?
  • What is the Constitution? How many fundamental rights do we have? What is freedom of movement? Is it applicable throughout the country?
  • How is the President of India chosen? Name some MP’s from Delhi.
  • What are the seven sisters? Name them. 
  • Why West Bengal is called so?
  • What is Teacher’s Day? Is it celebrated only in India?

IIM Shillong WAT PI experiences

This is my IIM Shillong PGP experience:
CAT percentile: 98.07 (VARC/DILR/QA - 94.3/98.2/96.5)
Background: X - 91.67%(CBSE), XII - 86%(ISC). Final year undergraduate student at Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow.
Venue: Hotel Mantra Almaltas, New Delhi.
Date: 19th February (Morning slot)
The students were divided into various panels, each panel comprising of 8 students.
Round I: The first round was a Case Discussion round and was divided into two parts. Firstly, we were given a case and we had to provide written solutions to it. After this was done, we had a Group Discussion on the same.
Round II: Personal Interview. The panel comprised of two male panelists, both of them probably in their 30s. (P1 on the right and P2 on the left)
I enter the room and wish them. They ask me to take my seat. The interview begins soon after.

  • Introduce yourself and tell us about yourself.
  • Tell us how is MBA after law a logical combination. Why do you want to do an MBA? Why should we take you?
  • So beyond law, what are the other areas of your academic interest?
  • Tell us about the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • What was the recent diplomatic crisis between India and China?
  • Do you know about the Marshall Plan in detail?
  • You mentioned IR, but you don't know in much details about this?


  • So, you have studied International Trade Law?
  • Very well, tell us about the dispute settlement mechanism of the WTO?
  • Do you know the disputes involving EU at WTO? You know it entirely, tell me about other EU disputes.That won't be required. Tell me a bit about TRIPS.
  • You have also done Intellectual Property Rights Law?Have you done Patents?
  • That is okay, but can't this bell be a combination of a plastic base and a sonorous instrument?
  • Very well then, do you think that there is something more with respect to Patent in this case?
  • You haven't really. You haven't mentioned about the Design patent protection.


  • Let us discuss another case. Suppose there is a software company in USA, and that company has an Indian subsidiary. Now there is an employee X, who works for the Indian subsidiary. After some years, the employee switches to a different company in India, which is a subsidiary of the rival company of the original software company. Now there have been allegations of theft of confidential information. Determine what laws would be applicable.
  • So, this was academics, now tell us what other things you do? You earlier mentioned you watch a lot of sports.What is your favourite team?So, what went wrong for Chelsea last season and how has Conte improved things, turned around things?So you believe it is entirely down to Antonio Conte?

Alright, that would be it. Thank you and all the best.
Verdict: Convert.

I had my interview with IIM Shillong on 17th April. I hope my interview is useful for the future aspirants.
CAT percentile: 98.7 
Work ex
 : 22 months.
Degree : B.E(Hons.) in EEE at BITS Goa.
Case study discussion on the topic that briefly discusses about Nepotism.
Personal Interview
There were 2 people in the panel. P1 and P2.
P1 :

  • Hello, Tell me about yourself.
  • So you like western music. Why do you think youngsters swing more towards Western Music these days?
  • Okay so which musician/singer received the highest civilian award in India?
  • Which state receives the remuneration through music?Can you name a few?
  • Who is the current Miss Universe?
  • Who are Miss Universe Pageant winners from India?
  • What makes you happy in life? And what makes you sad?Tell me an instance that really gives you happiness. And what makes you sad?


  • What do you exactly do?
  • You resigned from that company? What exactly is your work there? How exactly? Wanted to know it in-detail.
  • What a transistor, resistor, transducer and diode were. Also asked me about Micro processors.
  • What is a Satellite?
  • How are earth quakes detected?

Thank you so much for interviewing with us. Please take as many toffees as you’d like.
Verdict : Selected.
I personally believe that more than your score, IIM Shillong in particular wants to know that the person does well in the PI and Case discussion.

New IIMs WAT PI experiences

Process 2016 ‐ 6 New IIMs (Ranchi, Raipur, Rohtak, Tiruchirapally, Udaipur, Kashipur) + 3 Newest IIMs Amritsar,Sambalpur, Bodhgaya)

Feb 21- Afternoon batch

 Profile - B.Tech IT.Workex 0
New IIMs WAT Topic: Current era is known as "Age of the man" in respect to Usage of natural resources, atmospheric changes, Flora and Fauna. Do you agree or not?
2 Interviewers, 1 lady 1 gentleman.
Personal Interview:

  • Why MBA after engineering?
  • Why did you choose Engineering for your graduation?
  • Why did you leave Mumbai for B.Tech?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Why low score in 12th?
  • What is FDI?
  • How will the government allow FDI into our country?
  • Is autonomy a better solution for foreign investors?
  • Why do we need FDI?
  • Which sectors you need FDI?
  • Ever heard of recession? What was the impact of recession on a normal person in India? Why do you think recession happened in the first place? How many siblings do you have?
  • What do you do apart from blogging? How does your work in an NGO help you in IIMs? 

Overall decent. No grilling. No acad based questions. But no toffee either.

New IIMs CAP Process. Commerce Graduate and played cricket professionally.

New IIMs WAT Topic- Your opinion on the effect of growth of e commerce sites on retails shops and outlets.
Personal Interview-

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why not a career in cricket?
  • What do the top athletes do differently from everyone else?
  • Talk about any one emerging cricketer.
  • Methods of Depreciation.
  • Valuation of Goodwill.
  • Format of the Balance Sheet.
  • Qualities from cricket that would help you in management.
  • How would you deal with a hypothetical scenario? Was given a scenario.
  • About the Recommendations of the Lodha Committee and your thoughts on it.
  • At the end they asked me Where is Sambalpur and Sirmaur?

Disclaimer: The above IIMs GD-WAT-PI experiences have been compiled with the help of primary and secondary sources for reference purpose only. The names of the candidates have been removed/changed for privacy purposes.


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