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Improve your GMAT Score by 100 points*

*Based on past student average

The average score of students from all nationalities applying to top B-schools is between 700-730. However, Indian applicants, partly due to an over-represented candidate pool, face stricter challenges in securing admissions to most top B-schools. Moreover, with many Indian candidates scoring high, the competition becomes even tougher.

Hence, a good GMAT score for Indians applying to a top B-school is around 720-750, which is 20 points greater than the country-agnostic score

GMAT Advanced SLP will be most useful for students/ working professionals who are consistently scoring between 600-700 on the GMAT and are looking for advance level preparation with score improvement focus and cannot attend GMAT Advanced Live Batches.

The program will cover exhaustive advanced application videos and question types of 700+ level and is designed to improve your score by 100 points*.

Who is the GMAT Advanced Online Self Learning Program (SLP) for?

Our GMAT Advanced Online Self Learning Program designed by 99%ile faculty is the right fit for you if you are:

  • Stuck between 600-700 score and aspire to improve your score.
  • Conceptually strong in easy and medium level Quant and Verbal questions and just need guidance and content for hard questions.
  • A busy working professional or a student who can’t devote time to attend physical or online Live classes. (For those who need live guidance and personalized attention for the GMAT Advanced Program with our Quant & Verbal experts through GMAT Advanced Live Batches – Click here)
  • Anyone who lives far away from the IMS CIE Centers.

Jumpstart Your Prep with Our Comprehensive GMAT Advanced Online Self Learning Program

Product name Validity Features Fees
GMAT Advanced SLP 3 month 3 months All 19999 + GST Enrol Now

Program Features:

  • 80+ concept videos | 15+ Application Videos | 15 Mock Tests (5 Adaptive & 10 linear).
  • Online practice with 4000+ Questions
  • Access to advanced 700+ webinars
  • Access to 2 MyPlan Sessions with GMAT Experts
  • Access to 100+ hours of Live GMAT Math & Verbal Foundation Sessions.
  • Free Admission Consulting Session
  • Unlimited Doubt Solving

Our Success

Why applicants choose us?

IMS CIE has enabled thousands to ace the GMAT and dramatically increase their scores. We have your back from Day 1 and believe in providing you personalized attention to score 700+score on the GMAT. Our support includes online doubt solving with our GMAT Experts, flexibility to watch the concept and application videos anytime and anywhere on your laptop so that you can plan your prep as per your convenience.

  • Personalized Attention : From IMS CIE GMAT experts having 99%ile score in GMAT.
  • Advance level preparation: 700+ score level: concept videos, application videos and practice questions with main focus of SCORE IMPROVEMENT
  • Unlimited Online Doubt Solving : With 99%ile scorers in GMAT.
  • Unlimited Flexibility : Access the Concept Videos anytime anywhere.
  • Unlimited Practice : Huge database of Practice Questions.
  • 24x7 Learning Ecosystem : Access to lecture recordings & webinar videos.

Learn Module

Ace key concepts in GMAT with basic and 700+ level preparation: 80+ Concept Videos and 15+ application videos

Practice Module

Practice 4000+ questions across varied levels of difficulty. Our GMAT like Mock Simulators will ensure that you are prepared to tackle the mock tests and the actual GMAT exam.

Full Length Test Module

Get Access to 15 Mock Tests with 10 linear mock tests prepared by IMS CIE expert faculty. Each of the tests is followed by a detailed solution and Performance Evaluation Report (PER).

GMAT 700+ Online Workshops

Learn advance skills in GMAT SC, CR, RC, Arithmetic, Alegbra & other topics through monthly webinars conducted by top 99%ile instructors.

Complimentary Premium Webinars with Ivy League Alumni & Admission Committees

  • Practical Strategies to crack 750+ on GMAT – Berkeley alumnus.
  • Guide to Admissions Success in MBA/MiM – MBA/MiM Consulting Expert.
  • York University Schulich School of Business Webinar – Admission Committee.
  • How Akshat scored 760 on GMAT & secures Yale admit – Yale Silver Scholar Achiever.
  • And hundreds more…

Do all this and more with your GMAT Advanced Online Self Learning Program

Build and strengthen your Quant and Verbal Sections for 700+ Score in GMAT

Engaging video lessons by 99%ile faculty along with access to proprietary IMS CIE GMAT material will help you in achieving 700+ level score in GMAT

Improve your GMAT
Score by 100 points*

Learn the strategies in GMAT Quant and Verbal section to improve the score by 100 points*
*Based on past student average

Practice with varied levels of GMAT 700+ level questions and mocks

Prepare with our 700+ level questions. Our GMAT like Mock Simulators help you refine your test taking skills and prepare you for the actual GMAT exam.

Unlimited Online
Doubt Solving

Get answers to your doubts within minutes through our specialized online doubt solving groups

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  • Akshat Nagori
    GMAT: 760
    Admit - Yale Silver Scholar - MBA

    IMS CIE GMAT Comprehensive Student

  • Shirish Shimpi
    GMAT: 760
    Kellogg School of Management

    IMS CIE GMAT Comprehensive Student

  • Sartaj Grover
    GMAT: 750
    Insead – MBA

    IMS CIE Admission Consulting Student

  • Parul Jindal
    GMAT: 740
    Kellogg School of Management

    IMS CIE GMAT Comprehensive Student

  • Aryan Kenchin
    GMAT: 740
    Stanford School of Business

    IMS CIE GMAT Comprehensive Student

  • Roopika Palukurthi
    GMAT: 740
    Yale School of Management

    IMS CIE Admission Consulting Student

  • Saloni Sahani
    GMAT: 730
    Harvard Business School

    IMS CIE Admission Consulting Student

  • Siddharth Mahapatra
    GMAT: 710
    Essec Business School

    IMS CIE Admission Consulting Student

  • Rajashree Rane
    GMAT: 680
    IMD Business School – MBA

    IMS CIE GMAT Comprehensive Student

  • Devesh Dua
    GMAT: 670
    Admit - ESCP Europe GMAT Comprehensive

    IMS CIE GMAT Comprehensive Student

  • Aakanksha Sinha
    GMAT: 640
    Admit - DUKE University

    IMS GMAT Comprehensive

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