For the second consecutive year, the Financial Times has named INSEAD’s accelerated 10-month program the No. 1 MBA experience in the world. This one-year format is quite an intensive program, and the INSEAD admissions committee usually looks for candidates with slightly more work experience than the top two-year programs. According to alumni, this is a key driver in their learning experience.

So one of the obvious questions MBA aspirants aiming for INSEAD is, “What’s a typical day like at INSEAD?”

IMS alumnus and INSEAD student Vishal Dhawan speaks about a typical day at the best business school in the world.

I have literally lost track of day and time here, plus I am working part time with a full time course. At one point I am practising case interviews with McKinsey classmates. At another, I am listening to the who’s who of the PE & IB world. It’s almost like a parallel world. Not to mention the continuous consumption of alcohol, which makes my system feel a walking brewery!

So what’s a typical day at INSEAD like, you ask? Let me tell you.

  • After a Turkish night party I woke up at 7:30 am, with just 3 hours of sleep. Two gulps of pasteurized Australian milk and I was ready to cycle to campus. Once I reached, I rushed to the locker to change into my suit.
  • Practice sessions of case interviews with two of my batch mates (a French lawyer working for an international sports body and a Russian biotech engineer) and a guy from a top consulting firm (an INSEAD alum).
  • By the time I was done, I was already late for a trek to ABB’s regional headquarters, which the industry club guys had arranged. On the way, I was engrossed in quite an interesting conversation with a German engineer. Considering the fact that I was at Uber the day before, it seemed this company was placed on the diagonally opposite side of my perception map!
  • By the time the trek was over, I realized that I was already late for a lunch date with one of my Thai colleagues at the regional headquarters of my erstwhile employer, with whom I was interning in the regional strategy function. She wanted to go to an authentic Indian restaurant. So did I, to be honest, but after glancing at my wallet, I charmed her into one of the food courts, which served equally delicious Indian food!
  • I came to my office and met my German boss and Filipino colleague, along with whom I brainstormed for 3 hours on the upcoming regional strategy workshops in India and Malaysia.
  • By the time I was wrapping up at office, I realized that as always, I was already late for the PE club talk that I had signed up for. While I was updating myself from the FT on the Metro, I was secretly wishing for some free alcohol sponsored by the former students of the college for the post event networking session. Alas, my wish wasn’t granted! At that very moment, I happened to check my WhatsApp messages. I’d received a message from an alumnus who I had previously contacted on LD. He is a Frenchman, working for a Korean company. He pinged me saying he was at the bar. He introduced me to his senior from INSEAD who was currently a chief of staff at a large internet company. The best part of the evening was that I hit it off with them very well, with all our crazy discussions on wine, work and women. While I enjoyed their friendly banter, I imagined these people could be my pals in less than 5 years.
  • After they left, I took a look at the INSEAD watch, which showed time for all the three campuses and wished I was running on Fontainbleau time, as there was still so much to do.
  • On the way back I was finally abusing in Funjabi with my roommates about how exhausting everyone’s day was and cursing the lack of sleep. But deep down, I knew all my life I would yearn for this cultural cocktail which kept me on a high at least for 18 hours a day.

So this is a typical day for me at INSEAD. Crazy, huh? But as you can see for yourself, it’s totally worth it!

Wasn’t that an intriguing insight into the exciting world of the INSEAD MBA? Next week, we’ll cover the application essentials for the INSEAD MBA. Meanwhile, if this sounds exciting, INSEAD’s deadlines for the upcoming Fall 2018 intake have been released. You can plan your applications accordingly.

INSEAD Deadlines

The deadlines for the September 2018 Intake (Class of July 2019) are as follows:

Round 1
Application Deadline September 20, 2017
Interview Decision Notification October 20, 2017
Final Decision Notification November 24, 2017
Round 2
Application Deadline November 29, 2017
Interview Decision Notification January 12, 2018
Final Decision Notification February 16, 2018
Round 3
Application Deadline January 24, 2018
Interview Decision Notification March 2, 2018
Final Decision Notification April 6, 2018
Round 4
Application Deadline March 7, 2018
Interview Decision Notification April 13, 2018
Final Decision Notification May 18, 2018



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