Breaking news: GMAT is getting shorter!

GMAT takers, sit up and take note! Beginning 16th April, 2018, the GMAT exam is getting shorter! But before you start panicking, take a look at what the changes are.

Basically, the current exam format will be reduced by 30 minutes. This is broken up into the following:

  • 23-minute reduction in exam sections
    • 13 minutes in Quantitative Reasoning
    • 10 minutes in Verbal Reasoning
  • 7-minute reduction across non-exam screens of Tutorials, Sectional Instructions

All tests administered on or after 16th April will be in the new format.

Here are the changes in sections. Please note: The section order options and number of breaks will remain unchanged.

Section Changes Old Format New Format
No of Questions Duration (mins) No of Questions Duration (mins)
AWA No 1 essay 30 1 essay 30
Integrated Reasoning No 12 30 12 questions 30
Quantitative Reasoning Yes 37 75 31 62
Verbal Reasoning Yes 41 75 36 65

Remember, the number of scored questions however is unchanged!

So how does it affect your GMAT score? It doesn’t.

The reduction of time in the Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning sections is achieved through reduction of UNSCORED questions. According to GMAC, which conducts the GMAT, “The number of SCORED questions in each section, the average time per question and scoring algorithm will remain unchanged. The Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections are being shortened by only reducing the number of unscored items.”

Can you reschedule your exam date, given this change?

If you have scheduled your GMAT on or before 6th May, 2018, you can reschedule your exam at NO COST, if your request is received by the GMAC on or before 11th April, 2018.

How will we change our prep?

In keeping with IMS’s philosophy to provide the absolute best learning experience to our students, our tests will reflect the changes very soon. Please note that the official GMAC tests will incorporate the changes by 30th April.

The GMAC will soon be announcing online webinars to provide more clarity to test takers. Meanwhile, stay tuned to IMS’s blog for more updates. You can also follow us on Facebook, and Twitter.

Meanwhile, here are two lists you should check out: this is a list of international institutes that accept the GMAT, and these are the Indian B-schools that accept the GMAT. Which is your target institute? Tell us in the comments below!


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