INSEAD has been the #1 ranked business school in the world for the past two consecutive years and is THE SCHOOL to aspire for if you want to work in management consulting.

INSEAD has announced that it will weigh the Integrated Reasoning scores for admission purposes starting Fall 2018. INSEAD says that  the IR section will be a good indicator of the capacity for problem-solving, critical thinking, judgment and decision making, skills that INSEAD definitely tries to identify during the application process. INSEAD recommends that applicants target a minimum IR score of 6. 

To understand this development at INSEAD, look no further than INSEAD’s recruiter list. 46% of INSEAD’s class of 2016 opted for a management consulting career with McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company hiring all consulting aspirants. Bain & Company has begun asking for students to report the IR score along with the Quantitative and Verbal scores they are currently required to provide when they apply for jobs/internships. With Bain & Company taking this stance, other top management consulting firms will begin to follow suit soon enough.

Why are Integrated Reasoning Scores important for Management Consulting Companies?

Question types on the Integrated Reasoning Section span graphics interpretation, two-part analysis, table analysis, and multi-source reasoning. Answers can be multiple-choice, and sometimes they appear in a drop down.

The questions ask test-takers to make sense of an overload of information, discarding irrelevant data to answer the questions. Sometimes the data can be found on multiple pages, and in other times in verbose paragraphs and busy spreadsheets.  These are valuable real-world business skills and likely a predictor of success beyond school. In fact, the IR section was designed to assess the same, exact skills that management consultants use on the job – understanding an overall goal from a bare bones blueprint, number crunching and predictive analysis.

With INSEAD making this declaration, we believe that other schools that have a chunk of students aspiring for management consulting careers will also begin to weigh the Integrated Reasoning scores for admissions.

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