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Sloan Masters Programs at LBSContinuing our series on Sloan Fellows programs, let’s now take an in-depth look at the The London Business School Sloan program. This program is the only one of its kind in Europe (and one of the three globally. Established in 1968 by renowned management guru, Professor Charles Handy, more than 1,800 Sloan Fellows have gone on to thriving leadership careers across the world. The programme is offered at only two other institutions worldwide – MIT and Stanford – placing LBS in a unique position to offer it in Europe.

Focusing on strategy, leadership and change, and globalization, the program leads to a Master of Science degree (MSc) in Leadership and Strategy. Taught over 12 months, the program delivers the latest business practice and research to enhance your leadership skills, sharpen your strategic thinking and enable you to lead change in your organization.

LBS Sloan Masters: Program Content

The Sloan curriculum for leaders combines essential knowledge, tailored learning methods for senior executives, comprehensive business experiences and personalized career guidance. Lectures make up the backbone of the Sloan programme, facilitated by faculty and driven by faculty-led class discussions and case study analysis. However, computer simulations, one-to-one coaching sessions, presentations, guest speakers, and the International Assignment also add to the mix, providing an exceptionally rich educational experience. Candidates are assessed through individual projects, essays and reports, examinations, class participation, group assignments and class presentations.

Core courses are offered in Corporate Governance, Global Business Environment, Management Accounting for Performance Management, Marketing, Understanding Top Management, Corporate Finance, Executive Leadership, Managing People and Organizations and Strategy.

Candidates select between five and eight electives from an extensive portfolio of over 70 courses. Each elective constitutes 25 to 30 hours of teaching time and may be timetabled in intensive block weeks or spread across a term on weekdays, evening and weekends.  Candidates have the opportunity to take electives off campus, at The University of Hong Kong, Columbia Business School, or at London Business School’s Dubai Campus.  The choice of electives changes annually to reflect developments in business thinking and to meet changing demand.

Furthermore, all candidates participate in the international assignment. This is a week-long activity that allows Sloan Fellows to develop an understanding of a particular regional economy and the factors that contribute to its development and success. The week comprises lectures with business leaders, company visits, guest speakers discussions and debates on key business issues. Candidates explore the themes of development and globalization first-hand in a dynamic environment, and consider the implications for themselves,their organizations and the world economy.

Life beyond the academic structure of the Program: Student Clubs

There are more than 70 student clubs at the School, including professional interest clubs in areas such as consulting, emerging markets, energy, entrepreneurship, family business, investment management, media, responsible business and technology. The clubs are a great opportunity to build networks, and also provide industry education, skill development and recruitment opportunities.

The most popular clubs at the LBS Sloan Masters Program include:

  1. The Marketing Club
  2. The Emerging Markets Club
  3. The Energy Club
  4. The Women in Business Club
  5. The Retail and Luxury Goods Club
  6. The Industry Club
  7. The Entrepreneurial Club
  8. The Finance Club
  9. The Healthcare Club

LBS Sloan Masters Program: Famous Alumni

Some of the famous alumni of the LBS Sloan Masters Program include:

  • Michael Berman, Chairman Actix
  • Philip Blackwell, CEO Blackwell Ventures ; CEO at Scholium Group Plc
  • Richard Boggis-Rolfe,  Executive Chairman, Odgers, Ray & Berndtson
  • Paul Boissier, Chief Executive, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Former CB Deputy Commander-in-Chief, British Navy Maritime Forces
  • Andreas Bos, Founder, Deviehl
  • Marcelo Bravo, Founder, CTO, Oxford Pharmascience Group Plc
  • Kevin Burke, Chairman, Vanguard Petroleum
  • Malcolm Butler, Partner, Chief Operating Officer, COMAC Capital LLP
  • Justin Cadbury, Chief Executive, Data Broadcasting International Ltd
  • Kristen Cardinal, Director of Global Development, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
  • Carla Cico, Former CEO Brasil Telecom
  • Jitesh Gadhia, Senior Advisor, Blackstone Group
  • Neil Dhar, Executive Vice President, Energy Coal and Carbon Complex, Noble Group


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