The Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles is located in the Westwood section of the city of Los Angeles. Students at UCLA Anderson enjoy a small student body and the school’s notable strengths in entrepreneurship and entertainment and media management, as well as the community-oriented atmosphere Anderson maintains even in such a large city.

First-year MBA students are required to attend approximately two weeks of orientation prior to starting classes.  The two components of this orientation are a week-long course called “Leadership Foundations” and seven days of group activities before instruction begins in early October. The fall quarter concludes in mid-December.  First-year students are strongly encouraged to return to Anderson shortly after New Year’s for Career Preparation Days, during which they take part in workshops and training sessions to prepare for interviews.  The winter quarter commences the following week, and courses conclude in the middle of March. Spring quarter courses start at the beginning of April and end in early June, with commencement occurring the day after the week-long exam period.

The hallmark of the UCLA MBA experience is the Applied Management Research Program (AMR). It provides students with 20 weeks of team-based, experiential learning as they complete strategic studies for real business clients, and is the only course required for second year students.

In this post, IMS helps you to create a winning application for the UCLA MBA!

First-Time Applicants (Required Essay):

We believe that the best results are achieved when you share success, think fearlessly and drive change. With this in mind, what are your goals at UCLA Anderson in your short-term and long-term career? (750 words maximum)

UCLA’s driving principles are sharing success, thinking fearlessly and driving change. You need to echo these principles in your essays, and showcase how you have developed your career vision by chartering your career along these principles. Use these guidelines to demonstrate how you have echoed these principles:

  • Sharing Success: People who share success with co-workers and team members echo a strong culture of collaboration and a spirit of generosity. UCLA wants to see how far you have come as a manager via instances of sharing success and how this has inspired you to further your leadership development.
  • Thinking Fearlessly: People who think fearlessly are risk takers. They are committed to achieving results and are not content with playing it safe. Instances of where you have thought fearlessly in your career will showcase how committed you are to achieving a result
  • Driving Change: People who drive change create impact on their peers, their subordinates, their managers and the company work culture. UCLA wants to understand how you have created impact and how your career progression has benefited from creating impact.

In short, you need to choose traits and experiences from your career that resonate with UCLA’s driving principles and have shaped your career progression. Consider telling one or two pivotal stories to illuminate who you are. UCLA is looking for personal expression in this essay, and to understand how you are different from other applicants. Consider the turning points or moments that triggered reflection for you.

Your career goals should be examined through the filter of Anderson’s values and how you plan to use those values in your post-Anderson life. Explain what you plan to do immediately after graduation, and then what you want to accomplish over the long-term with your career. A career path that focuses on demonstrated passions and interests throughout your life is going to be most compelling as you write this essay and each section should bridge seamlessly into the next.

You also need to explain  UCLA Anderson’s part in your plans. You can do this by citing specific classes, professors and programs. To express a bit more on the personal side it will be helpful to include the social and extracurricular aspects that attract you to the small and close-knit experience at Anderson. Be specific as you discuss the clubs and conferences that are unique to the UCLA MBA.

We hope our essay tips for UCLA  set you on the way to crafting your UCLA application! IMS’s Center for International Education (CIE) has successfully helped students secure admits to UCLA, year on year and we are happy to help you at every step of the way.

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