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What is a good GRE score
There is no such thing as a ‘good score’ or ‘bad score’ in GRE. Score alone does not guarantee admit in a good masters program. Simply put – a good score on the GRE is that score that enhances your chances in the particular university. The higher you score on the GRE, the higher is your chances of admission.

How can I score a 325+ on the GRE
Simple. GRE has well defined sections that have well defined topics and question types. As long as you are doing justice to each question type and each topic, you shall be able to sail through GRE the test. However, it is important you should know the precise depth and breadth of the test. Numerous aspirants waste crucial time doing studying topics that are irrelevant to the GRE. Without knowing the exact boundaries, they even miss on certain crucial areas of the GRE test. Also, the well defined question types in GRE require the knowledge of certain key strategies. Lack of awareness of such strategies lead to poor scores. Therefore, to ace the GRE, do the following:

  • Take a test to identify strong and weak areas
  • Create objective study plan broken down into clear weakly action points
  • Master the process to ace every question type
  • Practice as much as you can
  • Take periodic tests and analyze performance

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GRE preparation timeline

Given that GRE scores can be used up to 5 years from the date of the test, anytime is a good time to start your GRE prep – whether you are in college or are presently working.

Most US universities have Fall application deadlines during the December (previous year) – January (same year) period. So if you are planning to Apply for Fall 2018, you should be completing your applications (which include submitting GRE & TOEFL/IELTS scorecards) by December 2017.

Also remember, the ideal time to be invested for GRE preparation is 3-4 months. Do not unnecessarily invest more time as it hardly helps.

The below mentioned timelines shall help you plan for GRE & MS admissions:

If you are in the final year – Prepare for GRE, take the GRE and complete MS applications in final year
If you are in pre-final year – Prepare for GRE and take the GRE in pre-final year. Apply to MS programs in final year
If you are in 1st year or 2nd year of 4 year degree – prepare for the test now, take the GRE in pre-final year and apply to MS programs in final year


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