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Program Fee: Rs. 5,999 + GST  

Prepare for GRE online from the comfort of your home with 10 comprehensive GRE like full-length Mock Tests, 1000+ hours of video workshops & 2000+ questions prepared by our 99th %ile faculty.

  • 10 Adaptive + Non-Adaptive Full Length Mock Tests
  • 80+ Concept Videos
  • 20+ Application Videos
  • Access to one FREE session with our expert MS Admissions Consultant
  • 2000+ Online Questions Bank
  • Invitation to 320+ Online Workshops
  • Invitation to Quant & Verbal foundation workshops
  • Ongoing online doubt solving session with experty faculty

Program Features:

Content Ecosystem

The entire learning ecosystem is designed using IMS CIE’s proven approach by 99th %ile Quant & Verbal faculty.

  • Access to free GRE Fundamentals webinars for Verbal and Quant.

Learn Module

  • 80+ concept videos that comprehensively cover the basics required for the GRE.
  • 20 + Application Videos that help you learn the various skills tested on the GRE.
  • Online Practice to ensure Modular difficulty level wise practice

Practice Module

  • Practice 2000+ questions (arranged area wise) across easy, medium and hard levels of difficulty. Our GRE like Mock Simulators will ensure that you are prepared to tackle the mock tests and the actual GRE exam.

Full Length Test Module

  • 10 Mock Tests:
    • 5 adaptive mock tests.
    • 5 linear mock tests prepared by IMS CIE expert faculty. Each of the tests is followed by a detailed solution and Performance Evaluation Report (PER).

GRE 320+ Online Workshops

  • Monthly workshops will be available for viewing. These workshops are designed to teach you advanced concepts and applications. These workshops are based on the popular classroom workshops that we conduct at IMS CIE centers.

Complimentary Premium Webinars with Ivy League Alumni & Admission Committees

  • Practical Strategies to crack 330+ on GRE – Berkeley alumnus
  • Guide to Admissions Success in MS – MS Consulting Expert
  • Data is the new petrol | Introduction to the amazing world and careers in Business/Data Analytics – Georgetown school alumnus
  • How to write an effective SOP – Rochester Institute of Tech alumna
  • And hundreds more…


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