Indian School of Business (ISB)

ISB Application Essentials for all ISB Program Variants

  • Application Form

    This form contains a summation of your academic, demographic, professional (if available and pertinent) and extracurricular information.
  • Application Essays

    It is through your application essays that the ISB admissions committee understands your story, your thought process and your ambitions.Your application essays showcase the following aspects of your candidacy:
    Your career goals
    Your accomplishments
    Your leadership potential
    Your ability to collaborate with people
    Your strengths and weaknesses.

    You are evaluated on the basis of the impact you have – showcased via your essays. Your essays are a way for you to talk to the admissions committee and make a compelling case for your candidature.
    ISB typically has 3 essays + 1 optional essay for the EEO/PGP and 3 essays (in a staged process) for the YLP.

    ISB Essay Questions

  • Letters of Recommendation (LOR’s)

    It is via your recommendation letters that the ISB admissions committee gets an evaluation of your candidacy from a third party perspective. Your recommenders assess you on the following aspects:
    Your goals
    Your accomplishments
    Your leadership ability
    Your teamwork ability
    Your analytical aptitude
    Your fit with ISB

    ISB has one recommendation for all program variants.

    ISB Recommendation Questions

  • Test Scores

    ISB accepts both the GMAT and the GRE. Your performance on these standardized tests gives the admissions committee an understanding of your ability to cope with an academically rigorous curriculum. However, GMAT and GRE are not the only factor that decides your admission at ISB. No “cut off” criteria are applied to the GMAT/ GRE scores.

    The GMAT Code for ISB is N2D-J5-01

    The ISB GRE codes are as follows:
      - YLP - 7891,
      - PGP/EEO- 7892

    ISB does not require candidates to take the IELTS/TOEFLiBT/PTE (if the language of instruction at undergraduate study level was not English)

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