• CLAT 2021-22

CLAT 2022 Self Learning Program

Video-based Self Learning Program

150+ hours of video-based self learning program is meant for students who are self disciplined and do not need a continuous faculty interaction for CLAT/AILET/SLAT/Mah Law CET/LSAT-India 2022 test prep. This program offers a flexibility of preparation as per student’s convenience of pace, time & location.

Program Name Coverage Program Fee (Inclusive of GST)
CLAT Self Learning Program 2022 All exams mentioned above Rs. 18000 Enrol Now

Program Features

The self learning program follows Learn-Practice-Test pedagogy of IMS

Learn Module

  • Exhaustive Study Material (20 books in print & e-format). It has comprehensive coverage of critical reasoning, legal reasoning & RC sections as per new CLAT pattern requirement
  • 25+ hours of concept videos
  • 80 hours of recorded classes of weekly Current affairs coverage over two years
  • Weekly Current Affairs snippets & 2000 current affairs Q through periodic quizzes

Practice Module

  • 30 hours of recorded workshops covering exam level questions from reasoning, English & legal aptitude sections
  • 2500 practice questions in topic wise test format

Test Module

  • 60+ Mock tests for CLAT/AILET/SLAT/Mah Law CET/LSAT-India entrance exams, with score improvement analysis
  • Past paper analysis & exam notifications/alerts

Note -

  • At any point in time, students can upgrade to Live ONLINE or blended classroom program by paying the difference of fees as per the prevailing fees at the nearest IMS center
  • By doing so –
    • They can attend remaining concept classes till course completion (Year 1), 80 hours of practice classes & 100 hours of exam specific workshops/past paper solving sessions (Year 2)
    • They can attend dedicated doubt solving sessions


  • - Learn, Analytics & myPLAN modules are currently available on the app as per the variant eligibility
  • - myIMS website will be accessible ONLY on the desktop/laptop browsers.
  • - Test & Review module will NOT be accessible in the mobile app.

The mobile APP was consciously designed as a companion app to the myIMS web portal. Taking and reviewing full-length tests should be on a big-screen. It will cease to be a mock test if it is available on mobile.


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