AILET 2016 had its highs and lows as usual. Overall, the paper was perceived to be slightly simpler than previous AILET papers.

The parts in AILET 2016 that were as usual

  • Critical reasoning was, as usual, challenging. Students who had practised this question type thoroughly using mock tests would have found them simpler.
  • Verbal ability and maths were simple.
  • There were plenty of Current Affairs questions. Almost all of them were present in IMS material, the monthly CA snippets. Business and economics knowledge was majorly tested.
  • Students who managed to keep a strict self-imposed control on section level time could do a serious attempt of 120 to 130 questions, with some as high as 135. Remaining questions were rapid fire attempts in the last 5 minutes or so.

The parts in AILET 2016 that were not quite the usual

  • Logical reasoning questions were lengthy, covering almost half the page. Puzzles were time consuming, though a common feature in AILET.
  • GK did not have questions from previous favourite areas like science, history, geography.
  • Legal aptitude was perceived to be a little difficult, since there weren’t any typical principle-fact based questions. Some students were taken aback, but good students managed to tackle assertion-reasoning type of questions. IMS Legal workbook had enough practice questions from this area. Legal GK questions also appeared from current affairs like Budget 2016.

It also must be noted that Reading Comprehension passages were pretty long but easy. Time bound reading would have been the key.

Expected Cut-off
Overall difficulty level was perceived to be slightly easier than last year. The section wise cut-offs that can be expected are given in the table below.
Expected cut-offs – overall and section-wise

AILET 2016 expected cut offs

In short, those who consciously prepared for AILET 2016 in particular and not just any other law entrance stand to benefit. With just one more week to go for CLAT 2016, study as ‘exam like’ as possible through past papers and mock papers.



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