CLAT 2016, a sigh of relief and a big respite after AILET-2016! That is probably the best way to describe CLAT 2016, and probably what you’re doing too! Let us do a quick analysis of the test.

This year’s test was supposedly one of the easiest CLAT papers in the recent past. It resembled CLAT 2014 in terms of difficulty level. Average number of serious attempts was over 140 for many test takers, with the figure going up to 170-185 questions for good students. With 80-85% accuracy, this gives a score of 145-155.

Here’s a quick look at the different sections in CLAT 2016.

English with Comprehension
This section had one Reading Comprehension passage. Other questions were spread across grammar, spellings, fill in the blanks (prepositions, sentence completion, word usage), idioms & phrases, and legal maxims.

Logical Reasoning
The difficulty level of this section was easy to moderate. Critical Reasoning (CR) had 15 questions and Analytical Reasoning had 25 questions. The LR section consisted of matrix arrangement, puzzles, family tree, directions, coding & decoding, series, set based questions, etc. CR included course of action, strong & weak arguments, syllogisms, etc.

Elementary Maths
Maths had a few tricky and calculation intensive questions, which made this section somewhat time consuming. Questions were spread across topics like percentages, ratio proportion, algebra, probability, geometry, etc. Tricky questions were better solved using elimination of options, using intelligent guessing.

General Knowledge
This section had around 40 questions from Current Affairs, and around 10 from Static GK. Questions appeared from favourite areas like politics, finance & economy, sports, social and legal affairs.

Legal Aptitude
This section had a fairly easy set of 35 Legal Reasoning questions. Principle-facts questions were one liners (mostly torts/contracts/criminal law) and 15 questions belonged to Legal Knowledge (mainly constitution, followed by landmark judgments, famous judges and personalities). This was one of the easiest sections as the questions were quite straightforward.


Cut-offs for CLAT 2016

Since average attempts this year have been higher, accuracy and a higher Legal Aptitude score will matter. In case of equal total scores, LA will be a tie-breaker.

Cut-off for the top 3 NLUs are likely to be in the 150+ range. Here are the likely CLAT 2016 cut-offs for top NLUs:

  • Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata – 150+
  • Gandhinagar, Bhopal, Jodhpur – 145-150
  • Raipur, Lucknow, Patiala, Patna – 135-145


Let the drama unfold on 12th May, when the answer keys are out. Till then, may the Force be with you!


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