CLAT 2016 is just 3 days away, and I am sure you have put in the best of your efforts over the last few weeks (or months, or years even!) to be ready for D-DAY. Your faculty, seniors, subject matter experts and coaches will have given you a lot of valuable advice all this while to enhance section wise performance. I am now here to give you a few tips specific to CLAT 2016. Here’s my list of Dos and Don’ts.

CLAT 2016: What you should do in the next TWO to THREE days

  1. DON’T: You should not take more than one mock test at the most, and thoroughly analyse it. Trust me, taking 6 mock tests in the next three days at the rate of two per day won’t really lead to any significant performance improvement. In fact, it will only increase fatigue and create undue excitement!
  2. DO: Revisit challenging questions from previous mock tests and select ones from past papers. Keep a separate track of these questions, if you haven’t already been doing so.
  3. DON’T: Please don’t visit multiple websites looking for too many exam tips. The more you read, the confused you will get. Don’t get swayed by what happened in CLAT 2015 and start drawing parallels for this year!
  4. DON’T: It is easy to get intimidated by cut-offs from previous years and start calculating “ideal” attempts and “ideal” accuracy. Don’t do this. Focus on maximising your raw score. At the end of the day, you should be satisfied that you reached the peak of your potential.
  5. DO: Revise the Current Affairs of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016 from favourite areas like history, geography, international forums, business and economy, and legal GK. Of course, there’s no harm in revisiting the highlights of 2014 highlights either!
  6. DON’T: On Saturday, 7th May, don’t take a single mock test. Many of you will be taking SET (Law) in the morning session. And after the test, do ANYTHING except Law test prep!
  7. DON’T: Strictly avoid a night out on 7th May and get a solid eight hours of sound sleep. After all, CLAT 2016 just an exam!

CLAT 2016: What you should do on D-Day

  1. DO: Wear and eat what you are most comfortable with. Pack the essentials like your admit card on the previous night to avoid a last minute rush. And of couse, reach the test centre well in time.
  2. DON’T: At the centre, you’re going to see flocks of students discussing how comfortable or depressed they are about the upcoming test! Don’t get into these discussions. Just feel confident about your own preparedness.
  3. DO: CLAT 2016 is a 2 hour test. This means that you will get 36 seconds per question on average. Pick the section that YOU are most comfortable with. Irrespective of the order in which you attempt sections, maintain a strict self discipline of section wise timing in your mind.
    We’ve seen that high scorers generally tend to spread their times across the test as below:
    • Legal & Logical Reasoning – 30-35 Min each
    • English – 20-25 Min
    • GK & Maths – 10-15 min each
    • Unattempted questions – 5 Min
  4. DO: Keep an eye on ‘review’ marked questions. You may want to revisit them in the last few minutes to make intelligent guesses. Attempt these questions, rather than the unmarked questions. This will reduce your risk of getting them wrong, which in turn will boost overall attempts without compromising your accuracy.
  5. DON’T: Never ever get into wild, random guessing! Remember, the number of attempts or the accuracy alone won’t matter; your total raw score will, however, impact your overall rank.
  6. DO: Treat the Legal Reasoning section as a tie-breaker. If several students get identical overall scores, LR will be the decider to calculate higher ranks. This section could be a Hit or Miss deciding section for the top 3-4 NLUs, so be watchful!
  7. DO: Be prepared for surprises. Remember, if you were surprised, others will be too! Ultimately, it boils down to who handles the surprises better. Your mocks would have prepared you for shocks (IMS does, for sure!). If you are a Kohli or Dhoni fan, behave like them, at least for those 120 minutes!

I wish you all the very best for CLAT 2016!


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